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LeBron James Is Looking For Some Interns

Hey kids. Want to work for the greatest basketball player on the planet?

Well, now's your chance.

According to LeBron James' website, LeBron James is looking for college interns.

Specifically, for those interested in online content development and digital sports marketing.

Also, for those interested in telling their jealous classmates that they work for LeBron James so suck it!

According to the website, this is a real thing, and not just for people who are all, ZOMG I LOVE YOU LEBRON! LET'S TOTALLY HANG OUT! (which is why we're not applying).

It's a real-life internship like every other big company has. It runs through the spring, summer, and fall semesters, and the interns need to be available at least 10 hours a week.

The job itself involves "assisting the content development team with updating LeBronJames.com" and "researching trends and advancements in the technology & sports space."

Or maybe getting the web people a cup of coffee and cropping some photos for them.

Either! Way! It's a pretty sweet opportunity for college students interested in this field, seeing that working for the NBA's best player would be a totally awesome thing to put on a resumé.

It's a typical college intern gig. Which means no pay (cue the LeBron haterz for forcing children to work for no money).

The applicant must have basic knowledge of XHTML/CSS, have experience in journalism, marketing, or communications, and have a basic understanding of photography or videography (again, cropping photos for the web people).

To apply for the gig, you'll need to send in a resumé, a cover letter, and write a blurb explaining to LeBron and his peeps why you'd be the perfect person for the job.

The blurb requires 500 words minimum, which pretty much means they're looking for people who know how to string words together and make sentences that make sense (another reason we're not applying).

It looks like this job will require some blogging WHICH IS FUN! As well as serious commitment from the candidate.

For more info and to submit your stuff, go to LeBron's website.

Oh, and if you do get the job, please ask LeBron if he likes the nickmane "Cobradick."

Tell him it's for a friend.

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