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LeBron James, James Tracy, and a Muslim Cleric Walk Into an Appletini Bar

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5. Izhar Khan. Twenty-six-year-old Khan and his father have been stewing away in a cell after federal authorities brought them up on charges related to terrorism. But in what's becoming all too common, the government seems to have overplayed its hand, tossing around the terrorism allegations with little proof. This week a judge tossed the case.

4. Oral Sex. Big week for pro-offered mouth-love in odd circumstances, so we decided the act itself was showering in a particular Zeitgeist moment. First, you have Cooper City Commissioner Lisa Mallozzi telling a resident to "blow me" at a recent meeting. Next up, Palm Springs Middle School teacher Mary Patricia Maloney offers a hummer to a cop in exchange for an out on a DUI. And now, we have Alexander Marcelino Perez, who walked into a Bradenton sex shop and walked out with a stolen "Super Sucker." It's in the air.

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