LeBron James Lands Role in Judd Apatow Film and Is Producing Docudrama About His High School Days

LeBron James is all up in you. He has his own app, he's all over commercials, and he is currently chasing a third-straight NBA title.

And now, he's all set to take over Hollywood.

LeBron is currently reportedly involved in not one but two productions, including a docudrama about his life as a high school basketball star.

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According to Gossip Extra, LeBron is teaming up with the producers of HBO's Boardwalk Empire and the Oscar-nominated The Wolf of Wall Street to make a film based on the documentary More Than a Game, which followed the high school careers of LeBron and his teammates at St. Mary-St. Vincent High in Akron, Ohio.

There are apparently four scripts to choose from before the docudrama goes into preproduction.

The story will reportedly focus on LeBron's teammates dealing with his fame and all the attention he received as the country's best basketball prospect and a future NBA superstar.

LeBron is also reportedly rumored to be appearing in the next Judd Apatow film.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, James is set to make a cameo in Trainwreck, which will star comedians Amy Schumer and Bill Hader.

Trainwreck is being produced by Universal, which is also producing his docudrama.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

James is already in business with Universal, the studio that is distributing Trainwreck. Universal recently acquired rights to a feature based on the high-school years of the Miami Heat star. The project is based on a pitch by Frank E. Flowers, with Terence Winter and Rachel Winter attached to produce with James and his manager, Maverick Carter.

These are just two projects LeBron has been working on with business partner Carter. James is also working on a sitcom for the Starz network with the creators of The Cosby Show and Roseanne.

Much like the docudrama and his cartoon, The LeBrons, the Starz sitcom will focus on being loosely based on parts of LeBron's life and upbringing.

The show's premise will focus on two people who get out of the Philadelphia inner city and make it big and famous.

The show's characters grapple with fame, fortune, and everything that goes with it -- just as James has since playing his way out of the Akron inner city.

So to recap, he's won world championships, Olympic gold, and MVPs; made commercials; obliterated Jason Terry; and been a cartoon. And now, LeBron James is getting set to conquer the big and small screens.

Of course, he first has some unfinished three-peat business to take care of....

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