LeBron James Near Perfect as Heat Defeats Bobcats 99-94

As we've pointed out here before, LeBron James' game is more than just taking shots and making dunks. It is insanely balls-out efficient.

Last night against the visiting Charlotte Bobcats, LeBron showed that his massive efficiency grades were currently at gamma ray levels, going 13-for-14 -- a nut-demolishing 98.2 field-goal percentage.

The best shooting night of his career.

The only shot James missed came at the 2:33 mark in the third quarter, when he missed, of all things, a contested layup. LeBRICK! AMERITE???

Yet even as he waylaid the Bobcats into submission, he did so with little rest.

The Heat spent all night in Toronto on Sunday watching the Super Bowl. Early Monday morning, LeBron tweeted out that he was taking his kids to school.

Dude was tired.

"I felt a little sleepy when I came in here," James told the media after the game. "But I didn't feel tired at all during the game. I had it going from the start."

He finds his energy through his own awesomeness. Like a self-aware killing machine.

According to ESPN's Tom Haberstroh, LeBron is shooting 55.5 percent on the season. And what makes that stat slap-your-momma-and-call-her-McGilicutty bonkers is that more than half his shots have been jumpers.

Haberstroh puts even more perspective on all the awesome:

LeBron James continues to prove time and again that he is a badass mothercow whose basketball prowess places him dangerously on the precipice between all-time greatest player in NBA history and certified Weapon of Mass Destruction.

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