Best Place to See It Hit the Fan
Your column about the aftereffects of Harris Meyer's "Hooray For Hollywood!" and the intrigue it spawned hit the nail on the head (Undercurrents, June 3).

Your newspaper cited Hollywood as the "Best Place to Watch Democracy in Action" (Best of Broward and Palm Beach, March 11). Maybe it is best viewed with hip boots.

Keep up the great work.
Alan T. Stieb

Getting Gay Men to Use Their Brain Organ
I don't know if I am thankful or disturbed for having read the feature story ("Sexual Roulette," Jay Cheshes, May 27). Unfortunately, there are people who contract HIV through bad blood transfusions, et al. However, others have made very bad choices in their personal activities.

I am a 37-year-old gay man: handsome, intelligent, professional, stable, educated, healthy, monogamous-minded, and HIV-negative. I have spent the last year and a half in sexual abstinence.

I am scared to death of even having safe sex (which is all I have had in the past). I trust no one in South Florida to tell me their true HIV status. Excellent therapy has helped me deal with this issue. With bareback sex and emotionally barren, alcoholic, and promiscuous gay men running rampant in South Florida, is it any wonder I am still single? No one cares about anyone else. It's time for gay men to get help!

I have a news flash: The AIDS virus is not going away. The drug cocktails and various medicines out there do not cure this dreadful disease. Gay men who are HIV-positive do not live wonderful, healthy lives. There are many unpleasant side effects associated with the medications. These men are "hanging on" with no cure in sight. Yet, too many gay men don't give a shit about their own lives, saying: "I will not get HIV." The hell you won't! If these facts are too real for you to think about, then you are next to be infected.

Well, I for one do give a shit about my life, damn it! I am attractive and healthy. No man -- no matter his dick size, et cetera -- is worth dying for. No one deserves this or any disease. However, if you practice unsafe sex, choose to indulge in drugs, orgies, and/or have multiple sex partners, you are on your own, buddy. Don't expect me to be crying at your funeral. You had a choice. There are responsible gay men out there. At least I know of one -- me.

I hope this story gets many gay men to use something they don't normally use at the bar -- their brains.

David W.
via the Internet

Alberto's Justice: I Win, You Lose
Six years ago I had the misfortune of witnessing Mr. Alberto Milian in action ("A Pugilist in Pinstripes," Paul Demko, May 20). Mr. Milian conducts himself in a manner that a judge would never tolerate if that manner were conducted by a defendant. As reprehensible as his courtroom behavior is, that is not the only reason Mr. Milian's convictions have been overturned by the appellate court. There has also been at least one conviction overturned because of elementary legal errors made by Mr. Milian. One must wonder: Were these inexplicable errors, or a blind eye to the truth and justice?

Is it justice he loves, or is it just winning? And does the frustration of his father's victimization cloud his vision of all defendants? Mr. Milian does not care about the truth, his only interest is in adding another conviction to his conquests. He has no respect for anyone who fails to fit his ideal, be they defendants, jurors or appellate court judges. All defendants are automatically guilty, jurors who failed to decide a case his way were called "lobotomized zombies". Worst of all, instead of accepting a reprimand from the appellate court, and reevaluating his methods and conduct of behavior, he states that the appellate judges who rule against him are "gunning for him." Is this simply disrespect, or is it paranoia?

Jill Flaugher
via the Internet

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