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Passing the Buck for Preservation
I found Margery Gordon's article, "A Natural Alliance" (March 25), a most heartening report on new directions being taken toward cooperation between conservationists and ranchers. Their work will surely help preserve the habitat for many endangered and threatened species while stemming the tidal wave of development that threatens to drown South Florida. I am excited about the idea of using incentives toward this end; it has already proven to be more effective than the previous regulations approach. Hopefully, Buck Island Ranch will be a model for other areas of the country and the world. Dare I hope that incentives might also be used to protect endangered species not mentioned in this article?

If Florida's population of 15 million is growing by 800 new residents per day as stated, is it not easy to see that the future of children growing up in an ever more crowded world is indeed endangered? Can we come up with incentives to curb population growth at its source and thus preserve enough habitat for all beings?

Lanie Johnson
Highland Beach

Blasting Ken's Wolf Pack Mentality
Despite his protests to reporter Paul Demko about not being chosen to be Fort Lauderdale's City Commissioner for District 1, the Commission did not choose Ken Wolf because he simply was not qualified ("Out of the Closet and Into Battle," March 25). Wolf must have been aware that he was campaigning against tenured candidates; many of whom had lived in District 1 from 20 to 40 years. They had actively participated in their neighborhood organizations and were well-informed of their distinct issues.

Isn't it strange that Ken Wolf moved into District 1 (near the Coral Ridge church) just last month? One of Wolf's friend's complaints about the Commission appointment referred to letters written on letterhead from various organizations. Wolf's contingent is uninformed; using letterhead is legal policy in many organizations as long as the letter is written in first person singular.

Prior to the City Commission appointment, some of Wolf's colleagues had an opportunity to discuss Wolf while they attended a recent Dolphin Democratic Board meeting as well as the members' meeting. But they said nothing. Their remarks in New Times after the Commission's appointment were hostile and they chose the low road perhaps to publicly undermine an organization in which some of them are members and actually officers.

Politics in the long-term is effective when members are collegial and learn to compromise. The wolf pack attitude just plain sucks.

George Hunker
Fort Lauderdale

Mr. J; Civil Rights Supporter, and Voyeur
I was reading your article "You Have the Right to Remain Flaccid" (Paul Demko, February 25) and wanted to share my comments. First, the topic was well written about and I would like to see an update on the lawsuit. Alan [Mostow] and Dennis [Freeland], along with the patrons, should take this stupid arrest and protest at the highest level.

I am a bisexual male swinger (for five years) who enjoys the "lifestyle." We have approximately ten sex clubs (both straight and gay) and all are very welcoming to anyone. These clubs are located in the Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach areas. I'm happy to see that society in Fort Lauderdale is open-minded.

As for [Sheriff] Jenne, his hunger for the camera and political power is way out of line. These clubs are quiet and discreet and do not affect the Broward Sheriff's Office or any other law enforcement agency.

We have many political leaders, businessmen, residents, and tourists who enjoy this lifestyle. I say to Alan, Dennis, and other club owners, "Fight it all the way." And if the off-duty cops want to walk in these clubs, strip, and have sex all night, let them have their fun. Hell, I'd like to watch!

"Mr. J"
Fort Lauderdale

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