Out of the Closet ... and Still Battling
As a member of the Dolphin Democratic Club for a number of years, I found "Out of the Closet and Into Battle" (Paul Demko, March 25) very distressing, particularly because I agreed with most of it.

I supported and respected Bill Salicco since I met him two years ago but find his letter to the Fort Lauderdale City Commission inappropriate, at best. Your article does not mention that, in addition to using Dolphin stationery to make a personal endorsement, Mr. Salicco signed the letter "William J. Salicco, Jr., President." This was obviously intended to convey the impression of speaking on behalf of the Dolphin Democratic Club and should have been authorized in advance by the board of directors.

Additionally, Mr. Salicco's action would not have been approved by the board because it would have been a violation of Democratic Party rules, which forbid Democratic clubs from endorsing one Democratic candidate over another. A board member who supports Mr. Salicco is quoted as saying, "I think deep, deep down, his heart was in the right place. People do make mistakes." The problem here is that he does not believe that he made a mistake! He steadfastly stands by his actions, which succeeded in undermining Ken Wolf, who is a highly qualified candidate and an asset to the City of Fort Lauderdale and the gay community.

Bob Adams
Dania Beach

This Will Hurt Just a Little
Great article on the chameleon, Willie Gary ("Willie Gary's Sugar Daddieds," Harris Meyer, March 25). The article was well-written and inserted the needle all so subtly. Congratulations!

Greg Schell
Migrant Farmworker Justice Project
via the Internet

Where's Skid Row When You Need It?
A group of people have created a multi-million-dollar industry at taxpayer expense -- the care and feeding of the homeless ("Down and Out in Broward County," Harris Meyer, March 18). Society has always had its "hoboes." If the homosexual lifestyle is to be respected, why not the hobo lifestyle?

Why does anyone think that the homeless want to be tied down to a steady job with a grouchy boss? A fractious goody two-shoes wife and a mortgaged house in the suburbs with a useless lawn to mow? Ugh! Our society is overloaded with officious rules and regulations that make life more expensive and difficult. Don't be surprised if the majority of the homeless tell you to "shove the shelter" with its silly rules.

In recent years, government has destroyed the natural habitat of the hobo, skid row, with its cheap bars, cafes, and flophouses. Drifters can earn about $35 a day from a labor pool. No one in his right mind can expect them to pay $100 per week rent. Give them the opportunity to rent a room for $35 a week -- a room where they can go to smoke a joint, drink a beer, and entertain a girlfriend without any busybodies objecting. I bet 75 percent of the homeless problem will vanish.

How do the shelter operators propose to provide for the sexual needs of the fellows whom they hope to reconstruct [sic]? Communism has proven that social engineering doesn't work because it only promotes the desires of the ruling clique. A democracy must allow freedom for all lifestyles that do not manifest violence to others.

Michael Gilley

No -- Thank You
We were pleasantly surprised that New Times included our organization in your "Best of Broward and Palm Beach" issue (March 11). To be recognized as the Best Charity is such a great honor, we can't thank you enough. As you know, we are a relatively small charity and we depend greatly upon volunteers to staff our food bank, thrift store, and fitness center. We also have little to no money for advertising, and often the "good news" about our charity goes unnoticed. Thank you very much for having brought to the attention of your readers the charitable work performed by the volunteers of Poverello.

On behalf of the more than 7000 men, women, and children who look to Poverello for their life-sustaining food, nutritional counseling, clothing, and fitness needs, we most sincerely thank you.

Kenneth M. Fountaine, Vice President and
Director of Operations
The Poverello Center, Inc.
Wilton Manors

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