Michael's Commonsense Guide to Hollywood Politics
Planning and zoning boards were invented and exist primarily for the benefit of politicians and the wealthy. The precincts of the wealthy are kept free from encroachment by the unwashed working class, and the egocentric politicians can throw their weight around, as you've seen ("Hooray For Hollywood!" Harris Meyer, April 29).

The millionaire assembles his team of architects, lawyers, and public relations men. They offer an outlandish proposal. The politicians put on a show of opposition to win brownie points with their constituents. The millionaire then shows his willingness to compromise and be a good neighbor, so he scales down his proposal to what he really only wanted in the first place. The politicians then applaud the millionaire for his willingness to work with them for the good of the community and approve his development project.

Those of modest means cannot muster the clout to take on the politicians, so they get the short end of the stick, as always.

Michael E. Gilley

For Sale: One Slightly Tarnished Lobbyist With Phone Attached
Alan Koslow needs to find a new playground. Hollywood is really getting sick and tired of his sleight-of-hand wheeling and dealing.

Hey, Palm Beach County! We know this lawyer who will make millions in tax revenues. He's all yours. We're through. Come and get him, please!

Brently Hlay-O'Hare
via the Internet

And a Drainage Canal -- Er, River -- Runs Through It
I understand the tone of "The Official City Spiel" (Paul Belden) in the April 22 issue of New Times but feel obligated to point out that Wilton Manors is surrounded by more than "drainage canals."

The north, east, south, and a good portion of the west boundaries of the City of Wilton Manors are formed by the north and south forks of the Middle River. While this river may seem unimpressive to people familiar with larger, more defined waterways in other areas of the country, it is a natural river and has been here far longer than any of the developers and profiteers who have despoiled our region.

When my grandparents built their home immediately north of Sunrise Boulevard in the 1940s, the majority of the land between them and the south fork of the Middle River was bean fields. They remember those rivers as being very pretty, with only a scattering of homes on either fork. while I could really care less about Wilton Manors or its seal, let's not confuse these rivers with all the real "drainage canals" constructed in the western portion of the county, which certainly have never provided anything picturesque or pleasing to neighboring residents.

James Akers
via the Internet

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