Neither a Trench Coat Nor a Turncoat Be
Travis would never do anything to hurt anybody ("Caught in a Web of His Own Design," Harris Meyer and Brendan Kelley, May 6). It's messed up that he is not at our school anymore. I have to say I'm pretty bored in math class now.

I agree with his frame of mind: He does have every right to mirror the Trench Coat site. Not only that, but if we don't learn, as a people, what those kids were thinking, then we are subjecting ourselves to another threat of a Trench Coat killing spree later on, or maybe in the near future.

Ever hear of that phrase "history repeats itself"? Well, it wouldn't if we learned it... as a people.

Kat Ness
via the Internet

News Flash: Politicians Can Learn
After reading your article "Hooray For Hollywood!" (Harris Meyer, April 29), I wondered what was worse, the fact that Mr. [Alan] Koslow, Hollywood's chief counsel for three years, was forced to resign in disgrace for negotiating a settlement of a sexual harassment complaint against him and lying about his involvement to the mayor and commission, or the mayor and commission that jumped immediately on his bandwagon that brought extreme changes to their community? Either case was a definite sign of poor judgment on their parts. Unfortunately it is Hollywood's citizens and the environment that will suffer the most.

On a brighter note, congratulations to the mayor and commissioners on their wise decision regarding the Turtle Nest hotel project. Bravo!

Larry Gierer
Oakland Park

Thanks, Dennis. (The Check Is In the Mail)
Thank you very much for covering community issues with the candid fervor that you do. I read New Times every week to get the real deal on what's happening in Broward and Palm Beach. Harris Meyer's article "Hooray For Hollywood!" informed me on an issue I otherwise would not have known about -- Alan Koslow's involvement in the Turtle Nest project.

The Sun-Sentinel and other "mainstream" news media are usually very careful to tiptoe around big business interests and rarely emphasize the effects of current developments on our communities. New Times does this community a tremendous service when it provides in-depth, candid coverage of issues that affect the community and hence the quality of life of its citizens.

Keeping people informed of the critical ongoings that affect their area is not always easy; thank you for doing your part.

Please continue to keep close tabs on our elected officials and their service, or should I say disservice, to their communities.

Dennis Byk
via the Internet

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