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Hated It
Who is Sean Rowe? I see him listed in your masthead as Staff Writer. When you assigned that cover article "Chasing Danny" (November 12), did you bring him over from your "Holistic Horticulture" section? Please send him back to penning snide, affected pieces about the South Florida "alternative" scene, or whatever else you have him scribbling about.

It's a cute trick, taking a reporter like that and plopping him down outside his milieu -- it's been done before, of course. One possible success of the venture comes when the reporter remarks (and expands) on some previously unremarked aspect of the subject. And in a way that graciously excuses the reporter's obvious ignorance while still colorfully, carefully unfolding a glossy yet instructive tale for the reader. That did not happen in this case.

I can't decide whether it was a lack of preparation on Mr. Rowe's part or his apparent prejudices. Certainly Mr. Marino deserved better treatment. There is such a thing as being too hip, guys.

John Donnelly
Palm Beach Shores

Loved It
I very much enjoyed the portrayal of Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino. It was great to see an alternative journalist illustrate aspects of Marino's identity after 16 years of the mainstream press' own characterization through rose-colored glasses.

However, I think Mr. Rowe was far too positive about his discussion of Marino's athletic performance. Dan is great at building big statistics during the regular season. On a Sunday afternoon in September against the Tennessee Oilers, he's terrific in throwing four touchdown passes from inside the five-yard line. However, I invite Mr. Rowe or any journalist to look at tapes of Marino's performances during playoff games in January. You will see interceptions, fumbling, and some of his worst games. He is the opposite of what [San Francisco 49ers'] Joe Montana was. Montana didn't have the big stats, but he performed flawlessly in playoff games. Dan is simply not a championship quarterback. But he does great commercials.

Dennis Marsella
Fort Lauderdale

Didn't Get It
Sean Rowe's "Chasing Danny" was aptly titled. Too bad it wasn't called "The Longest Yard." It would have been nice if he could have caught up with Marino -- if he had, then he wouldn't have to write for New Times. He would have been able to write a bestseller called, "I Caught a Pass From Dan Marino, But Fumbled the Ball."

It's a shame but it's human nature to badmouth any athlete in the spotlight. Especially one that hasn't "bagged the big one." I don't know Marino, and I'm sure not that many people do, but for crying out loud, the guy has played for 16 years and has broken many records. Just being able to walk after all this time should be his biggest accomplishment.

Scott Sillen
Deerfield Beach

Gettin' Wit' It
After reading Michael Freedman's "R U Down Wit' Granny Rapp" (November 12), I couldn't help but be inspired to write my own rap:

Please read the New Times
'Cause it is awesome and fine.
You can find out what's really happening
Nearly all of the time.
There are always stories on political corruption
And rip-off crime.
Jen writes about dining,
Which is really a sin,
'Cause when she finds a good place
You can never get in.
There is stuff about music and concerts
And people you can meet.
Just reading the personals is really neat.
And the movie reviews are always a treat.
There is all kinds of stuff to get you ravin'
And there is usually a letter from Harvey Slavin.
So get the New Times, read it today,
Maybe that boring City Link will just go away.

Name Withheld

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