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Letters August 26-September 1, 2004

You Need Bad Guys

To get bad guys: I just finished Trevor Aaronson's August 19 story on Luis Martinez ("An Imperfect Murder"). I think Martinez is guilty as hell. However, I've got good news and bad news... You don't catch the shitbags of the world -- like Max Charlot -- without the help of shitbags like Martinez. Charlot got what he deserved, as did his crew. Believe me, Charlot and crew are as bad as Martinez. They were gonna kill Zayas. Local, state, and federal governments all use people like Martinez... and will continue.

Name withheld by request

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Money and Journalism

An explosive combo: Upon reading Bob Norman's August 12 column, "Sold Out," I am less convinced of the South Florida Business Journal's "burgeoning record of corporate-driven journalistic crimes and misdemeanors," as you put it, but more convinced that Van Drake was a roguish reporter whose objectives were simply not conducive to a harmonious relationship with his bosses.

I can also understand Rick Case Automotive doing whatever is appropriate to protect its business, customers, and all other employees from the actions of an upset staffer with a vindictive attitude. There are those who feel that if they can't work at a company doing whatever they like, they would rather see that business closed down so that nobody can work there and everyone suffers. You've seen the occasional cases of disgruntled workers coming in and shooting up the entire workplace before, I presume?

My advice to a guy like Van Drake would be to accept things the way they are, move on, and get a real job or find a way to survive as a self-employed journalist. Facing the adversity of absolutely the worst bear market in a generation and the advent of online trading as a serious threat to conventional brokerage business, I have survived! And don't even get me started on "Chinese Walls," as we saw how the barriers between investment banking and research departments were destroyed at many firms. I do not see the core of journalism facing problems that are nearly as serious as those the financial services industry has been facing.

As for circulation discrepancies, I appreciate the investigative reporting, but the tone of Norman's article tells the reader that he is to make a big stink out of allegedly "dirty laundry" that is already being addressed by other sources.

Kenneth J. Gruneisen

Lighthouse Point

Death Is No Joke

Now taxes...: In regard to Jeff Stratton's July 29 story "D.O.A. Delivery," as a human being, I am offended that Gidget Gein is picking up people's loved ones with such disrespect and callousness. Life and death are not to be taken so lightly; no matter how people have lived their lives, they should at least be treated with respect and dignity upon their demise.

My mother lives in Margate, and to think of this man -- who is doing this for his own "artistic inspiration and amusement" -- delivering her to the morgue is simply repulsive!

"Master" Jeffrey Holmes

New Orleans

Cold Dog

Victim of New Times curse: I stopped by Michael's Chicago Style Red Hots stand at 1100 W. Broward Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale and found them closed "for personal reasons," according to a note on the door (Foodstuff, Lee Klein, June 24). Apparently their telephone is disconnected as well.

Considering the good review you gave it, as well as the major English-language morning daily, can we ever expect a good Chicago style hot dog purveyor to last in this area? Are we doomed to Pollo Tropical as the signature eats for this area?

Tim Litsch

Hallandale Beach


He likes us, he really...: Thanks for the nice print in the June 24 Earache (Audra Schroeder). It was eloquent and pleasantly complimentary. It just gave us more reason to know that our endeavors are never in vain. So here's to folks like you... thanks again!

William Trev, Holy Terrors bassist


The Sun-Sentinel Is Sane?

Yeah, and Mona Lisa is a man: Is Ron Mangravite insane? As someone who sees Broadway shows regularly and saw the Broadway and off-Broadway productions of Take Me Out, I believe the Caldwell Theatre's production scored a home run ("Bats and Balls," June 24). The Miami Herald and the Palm Beach Post got it right -- you guys struck out. Maybe the play and performances were just too subtle for you.

Todd Riegler

New York City

Truth in Reading

Falsity in quoting: I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Bob Norman's piece on Susan MacManus ("GOPundit," Bob Norman, June 17). I've quoted her a few times myself, and I fear I may be one of the misspelling offenders, as well.

Anyway, I don't think it ever occurred to me to check her party or political affiliations. The way it begins, typically, is a reporter who doesn't cover politics for a living asks someone to recommend a source. We've all been there. And, of course, once you've interviewed her, you always come back. She's that good. But I think you made a compelling case for breaking the habit or, if you must quote her, at least disclosing her affiliations. Nice, nice story. I think you nailed it.

"A Florida Journalist"

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The Dish column "The Steak Capital" (August 19) incorrectly described Capital Grille's New York City location. The restaurant's Manhattan branch opened Monday, August 16.

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