Letters for , 2001

Land Office Business

Appraise the Lori: This is in response to the November 17 article "Parrish Is Burning." (Bob Norman). Norman just touched the tip of the iceberg. As a longtime employee of the office who started working there under the late Bill Markham, I can tell you that the office is all politics since Parrish and her cronies took over.

Name withheld by request

Fort Lauderdale

Parrish the thought: You need to keep on this. I've sent copies of articles along with cover letters to the FBI and Florida Attorney General's Office. There is so much cover-up and back-door dealing in Broward County, it's ridiculous. I can't believe more Broward taxpayers aren't calling for a full investigation. Great story. Please stay on top of this.

Robert Aiello

Dallas, Texas

Talk Radio Active

Take that, Savage fans: Regarding all the commentary about the article "Savage Station" by Bob Norman (September 22): Where do these folks come from? Yeah, I am one of those mongrelized, hybrid bastards who chooses to speak in the Southern vernacular, but I am also capable of switching over to the established "cultural Germanic" dialect dubbed "English." If you're a real "American," your grandpa and my grandpa as children shared the same sugar tit — that is, unless your ancestors arrived in that rat pack through Ellis Island in the early 1900s: hungry, poor, diseased, illiterate. Shall I say more? Some people have nerve!

Diane Brooks


Not Enough Gary

When's the next chapter, Bob? What's going on? Is someone still looking for Gary ("Finding Gary," Bob Norman, August 4, 11, 18, and 25)? When is the next update? When is the movie coming out?

Frank Craig

Convoy, Ohio

Editor's Note: For those who didn't catch them all, the four installments of Norman's "Finding Gary" series are available on our website, www.newtimesbpb.com.

Gus and the Boys in Blue

The Hollywood treatment: Trevor Aaronson has been doing a great job of hunting down information and exposing the problems of Hollywood, especially within the Police Department (most recently, "Hollywood Blues," August 11). Chief James Scarberry has been reassigning people over and over again to try to break up the little gang that has been tainting the town's reputation. He can claim that there is no problem, but Aaronson and others have been goosing the living daylights out of the department.

The recent article on Gus Boulis ("The Bad Bet," November 10) was the best yet. Other information is about to emerge, and the slimy details surrounding the renovation and widening of Highway 441 are enough to keep him writing for the rest of his life!

Asa Boynton


Lois Being Lois

Why can't he personally boot the mayor? I for one am disgusted by the reports (many) about Mayor Lois Frankel's management style and her treatment of fellow citizens and workers ("The Next Ex-Mayor," Eric Alan Barton, June 9). If being a big-mouthed ass is the way she thinks things need to be done, it only shows her poor management and people skills.

I am a Republican, and if a member of my party acts in that manner, the same can be said for her or him. I only wish I had the clout, backers, and money to send this pathetic excuse for a human to pack her bags and get the hell out of public office. Another problem is the way this miserable excuse for a human treats the youth in this area. Shutting down the venues for kids to see live local music is brilliant. Put them on the street, Lois, and see what happens.

Dan Beaulieu


Bono Contention

Someone missed the humor: Michael Alan Goldberg's "The Passion of the Bono" (November 10) was wrong. The Romans did crucify Jesus — but not for blasphemy. They considered him an instigator and troublemaker. The Pharisees accused Jesus of blasphemy.

Kirk D. Heaton


Cluster Luck

We'll allow the plug, just this once: Very perceptive review of Cluster & Eno (Dave Segal, Short Cuts, October 13). For more background stories about the musicians behind this disc, see "Painting with Sound" at www.merdianguides.com.

Emma Borthwick

London, England

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