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Letters for April 10-16, 2008

Straight From The Pig

As a recent college graduate, I was incredibly disturbed by Michael J. Mooney's "Spring Break is Still Decadent and Depraved" (April 3). In fact, it's taken me writing a few drafts of this to really settle on what I find so harmful about this article, I was so angry and upset. This comment is not written to "shoot the messenger," but to slap the messenger and bring to light his messages. If this was intended to be an "objective" look at a cultural norm or harmless rite of passage or an accurate view of this generation of college students — it fails. What it does succeed in doing is giving social legitimacy to absolute dysfunction and oppression. What was your point? I don't see it.

This was what I could best describe as oppressive journalism — there was not one female voice in this whole story. Every woman was a side character who only passively entered the story to be exploited. Why not ask her perspective? Instead of saying "she laughed" or "she seemed uncomfortable," why not ask her what she thought of men her age objectifying her in front of her peers?

Nothing in this article was worth reading or redeeming to the characters in it. I am employed by a non-profit that works with college students across the country who use their spring break to engage in social justice work and literally millions of volunteer hours. Maybe the students I work with are the minority, but I can tell you that there are tens of thousands of them that would have the same horrified reaction to the portrayal of our generation. The students in your article perpetuated so much that is wrong with North American society: substitution of fake temporary relationships for real ones, escapism, lack of self-awareness, and inability to interact in society. Well done! What the hell was the point?

Samantha Giacobozzi

Atlanta, Georgia

Steamroller, Keep Out

This is another example of people moving into the area and deciding what they think the public wants ("Take Your Rubber Ducks and Vamoose," Amy Guthrie, April 3). Most times their decisions are incorrect and motivated by self-serving interests. It sure makes for challenging and trying times for the store owners, renters, and folks who had decided many many years ago this was their bit of paradise and it was their passion that guided their work choices and shopping habits. Sad, sad article.

Dede Lee


Girls Who Wear Glasses

Thank you for your review, Tara Nieuwesteeg ("Still Dead and Lovin' It," Night Watch, April 3). I've been called a lot of things in my day but bookworm was never one of 'em! Ha ha. I guess that's what I get for refusing to get contacts, but I just love my funky glasses! Anyways, thanks again. Your article was honest and witty. I would've loved to hear more about what you thought of our music, but it was a great description of the overall feel of the evening.

Angie Licata

Delray Beach

Newspaper Bites

OK, is the Sun-Sentinel now owned by Book-of-the-Month Club ("Desperate Times," Tailpipe, March 27), where we can't get them to stop billing us for something we did not order? We had a Sun-Sentinel subscription for eight weeks too. We received cards saying what the new price for the subscription would be if we wanted to extend it. We said no to the calls and cards, and they kept delivering the paper after the subscription ended. What? They did not know it ended? And then they try to bill us for those additional papers? And the collection agency refuses to provide documentation of delivery — we wrote and told them since this is a debt they need to provide proof of the debt and delivery of service within 30 days of the request. No bills lately. Imagine that.

Bryan Sklar


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