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Letters for April 17, 2003

Curse the Cro-Magnon: In respect to Bob Norman's masterpiece, "An Absolute Disgrace" (April 3), I fully applaud and support this first-class journalist, who has demonstrated true patriotism in this and other recent articles like "War Pigs" (March 20). True patriotism is daring to tell the truth amid a web of deceit that herds the flocking sheep of this country in a dangerous direction. It's one thing to have a difference of opinion with Mr. Norman, and it's quite another to display the uncouth and uncivilized tactics of destruction, force, and overkill as seen in the current war. Defenders of this illegal invasion of Iraq have resorted to violence against New Times with threatening calls and defacement of the newspapers' stands around town. These lowlives obviously believe in violence over other forms of expression, so I hold them accountable partially for all the violence that permeates our society. These immoral morons make it ever so clear to me that mankind's evolution has taken us full circle. The race has regressed to a prehistoric mentality.

Joanna Rohrback

Coral Springs

This reader has vision: Thank you for holding your ground and printing the truth. Many are blinded by this new post 9/11 religion, the Religion of the USA. Always remember that religious fanatics are the most dangerous and the most deadly. I live in Northwest Pompano, and I truly wish this paper were available in my area. All people deserve to hear the truth.

Keep up the good work. I look forward to your writing.

A. Armstrong

via the Internet

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Bob Norman, you are a huge disgrace! Never ever again could I read New Times as long as you continue to write for it.

George Bush isn't the enemy. Get over the 2000 election already and support this administration and YOUR COUNTRY !

John Masterson

via the Internet

Chin up, Bobby: I read Bob Norman's recent piece and understand completely the sadness and despair that runs through it.

So I just wanted to remind you that there are millions of people who are equally upset and distraught right now. But we won't be in these dark shadows for too much longer, and some day soon, we'll get our lives back. Or so I hope.

Debbie Geller

via the Internet

Ralph remembers: Why don't you change the title of your paper to New Arab Times? Sometimes I check the cover and I find your paper pro-Arab always. You always make the Arabs seem like victims. Never do you speak of the problems of Israel or the new anti-Semitism, like in France. Your paper could not be published in the Arab world. Why do you feel you must be pro-Arab? Why don't you speak of the atrocities these regimes commit against women, Christians, Buddhists, Jews, and gays?

In such a liberal paper, it wouldn't surprise me if this letter didn't get published. You always seem pro-Arab, like your article "Muslim McCarthyism" (Chuck Strouse, April 3). I hope you remember this is Florida, USA. Did you forget September 11? I didn't.

Ralph Kotler

Pompano Beach

Winning's just another word for nothing...: Bob Norman's "Dirty George and the War Pigs (March 20), was a great column. I don't know anything about the Florida personalities, other than Jeb Bush, but Norman's criticism of George Bush and his hawks is certainly accurate. I am amazed and concerned at the number of people and institutions who fail to think critically about Bush's motives and the sway that Paul Wolfowitz and others have over him. Doesn't anyone watch Frontline? The cost in lives and dollars appears to be meaningless as long as "we win," whatever that means.

John Niland

Austin, Texas

Get thee to the enemy: Hey, Boob Norman, your type was voted out office in '00 with an exclamation point added in '02. Just in case you don't keep up with the news, please know yours is the MINORITY view/opinion (using recent current polls compiled by traditionally liberal, a.k.a. "anti-Bush," news sources). Your vitriol and comment are old, worn-out, and stale. But go ahead and keep publishing your trash. It makes for a good laugh in the short term, reminds us all of why the '02 elections turned out the way they did, and leaves us positively giddy about '04!

Keep cryin'... someone may start to feel sorry for you and the other "protesters" and hand you all a tissue some time. But I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

J. Dittmar

New York City

P.S. Since you don't like it, why don't you just move to another country? I'm sure you and Peter Arnett could get a place together somewhere in Iran or maybe even North Korea. They just LOVE your kind of American over there (i.e. liberal, God-hating, anything-goes-socially, tree-hugging, oil conspiracists). At least promise us you'll think about it? C'mon...

A Robert Bly adherent: When I read Bob Norman, I feel like I'm in group therapy. "Come on... let it all out..."

Josh Peters

Palm Beach

A built-in bullshit detector: Amen, brother! I feel Bob Norman is right; we have no choice now that we are in war. There is nothing we can do but pray that it ends quickly and that the casualties are few and far between. I pray every day for our troops and the Iraqi people.

Keep spreading the truth, and don't let the negative feedback concern you. People want to be ignorant so that they won't have to deal with the guilt of the truth.

For those people who want to believe we are going in to protect America and free the oppressed, I hope that we do. If we don't find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, then maybe antiwar protesters won't be considered so un-American. And maybe those people who considered themselves so American could then consider themselves antilife.

We are not a democracy; we are sheep. Thank you for bringing truth to journalism and not force-feeding lies like the rest of the herd. Keep up the good work. Have a wonderful day.

Jacquelyn Scaduto

via the Internet

Positively terrifying: Thank you for Bob Norman's honest writing. He is right on target. We true Americans are paying attention. Daily we are losing freedoms in the names of "Unity" and "Fighting Terrorism." I cannot see any good outcome from this war.

We have never gotten to Osama Bin Laden (which I did not oppose doing). We are not likely to create a better life for the Iraqi people now. Mr. Bush, the appointed president, has, in less than two years, taken us back to the dark ages. Scarily, people are flag-waving and singing his praises... they act as if it were a Super Bowl... all I can think of is Nazi Germany. No doubt Norman wrote his column before Peter Arnett was fired or Geraldo Rivera was threatened with being fired.

Keep up the good work.

Jim S.

Hallandale Beach

She really got it: Having worked for Covenant House for 13 years and eight on the streets as a street outreach worker, I was, well, let's just say I was moved by Susan Eastman's February 27 article on kids in Fort Lauderdale ("Searching for Brittany").

Somehow she caught it... how she did it, put it on paper, I'm not sure. But reading it, I felt the same exhaustion, exhilaration, and hopeless hope I feel after a night of outreach. When I finished her article, I thanked God for her and her dedication to highlighting the plight of our country's kids.

Stephen Siniari


Due to an editing error, the subject of the Sleater-Kinney interview ("Perfect Perscription," April 3, 2003) was misidentified. The interview was with Carrie Brownstein, not Corin Tucker.

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