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Letters for April 24, 2003

Respects the dead: Finally the truth about George Zirwas and his life in Cuba ("Murdered in Havana," Kathy Glasgow and Lissette Corsa, April 17). I met George just once, about two weeks before his death, and I liked the man almost immediately. We argued for about two hours about U.S. and Cuban foreign policy. It would be hard to find two men more opposite in lifestyle and political views than George and me. I'm a hardcore, almost-homophobic conservative and George... well, you know. Still, we respected each other. So much trash was written and twisted about him. I'm glad the record got set straight. George would have liked that. He was "camp."

Randall Scot Keith

Carlisle, Ontario

Keep your pistol packed, cowboy: I was really disappointed by your letters section of April 10. I read the introductory quotation: "Bush is a stupid, ignorant, psychotic, fraudulent, pathological liar" and all these op-ed pieces from people who don't back Bush. It is just absolutely flawed and sad that I have to live in a country with such dissidents and people that are nonpatriotic. Yes, as an American citizen, you have your right to your opinion. But this is absolute Benedict Arnold, treason-type stuff. I feel like I have to carry a gun if I have an argument with these people because it will be a fight to the bitter end. I know I am right.

Going into Iraq was the right thing to do. We have freed kids from prison. We have freed the Iraqi people. We have eliminated a regime that tortured people. If liberals do not recognize this, then it is the same cliché as an ostrich with his head in the sand. Hopefully you will take heed of this and be more conservative next time. Not just because it is the right thing to do but because it is the responsible thing to do.


Palm Beach

Paté de DMV: I've always been a believer in freedom of opinion, except where food critics are concerned. Jen Karetnick's April 3 article, "Open Mouth, Insert Foot," is a prime example why food critics do not reflect the average person's opinion but that of a small snooty, old, and opinionated cross section of consumers. As a result, this person should keep her opinions and adjectives to herself for reasons that I will explain.

First, I would suggest that the crack fact-checking team that is being employed do some background research in John Cross' (Footy's) association with the restaurant.

Second, as a satisfied patron of Footy's Restaurant, I understand that if I were looking for earth-shattering mahi-mahi or extra-prime Chateaubriand, many restaurants in the immediate vicinity of Footy's specialize in these types of cuisines. I also realize that I would spend, on an average, a lot more money and not feel very comfortable at these places with my 3-year-old son.

Third, I am aware that Footy's has been open only for a short time, so I understand the growing pains it must be going through. I would expect a "professional" like Karetnick to give some time for a new restaurant to work out kinks and then give an evaluation based on that, or at least I would expect her to let readers know that the place opened recently before making up their minds for them.

If I were looking for a friendly environment, a comfortable atmosphere for families, great chicken wings, excellent drink specials, and a management staff that would do anything to ensure that my visit is pleasant, I would choose Footy's Restaurant.

My problem with this article is not the sour perception that it gives to your readers. Nor is it the writer's opinion that makes my ass twitch. My problem is the bias on which it is based. The author is obviously uninformed about the facts of the corporation, is not a representative of the demographic that will frequent Footy's, hates small children in public, has age prejudice against 18- to 20-something waiters/ waitresses, and is a rude customer. I suggest that Karetnick find a new line of work -- the Department of Motor Vehicles, perhaps -- where she might benefit from her demeanor. However, if she continues to criticize, I suggest that she open her own restaurant and go through the trials and tribulations of starting from scratch so that in the future, she might report more accurately. Or at very least, I suggest she find a more intelligent metaphor for food than "toe jam."

Ben Capobianco

Cooper City

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