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Letters for April 26-May 2, 2007

Go Where the Kids Are

A new high school needs a better plan: I want thank you for having the courage to work for the people ("River of Greed," Bob Norman, April 19). I am a parent of a young girl who goes to Cypress Bay High School. When many parents heard about building the new school in Weston, we were very happy because it would help with the overcrowding. However, we only heard partial information. We had no idea what this would do to the entire community. We didn't know that we would be spending money on things like roads, land, etc., that should really go toward educating "the kids who will lead America tomorrow." More teachers, more books, and more computers are where this money should be spent.

We all know that Cypress Bay is overcrowded. However, even our own children make comments that some of the kids are using a Weston address to go to Cypress because it is a great school. How about conducting an investigation about which kids belong to this school area? If we are so concerned about overcrowding, we need to do something about that but do it wisely.

Many of the Hispanic people in Weston have left Venezuela and Colombia because of political situations. They can afford to buy in Weston but don't necessarily speak English well enough to understand the problem. I have come across many mothers who don't even have a clue about what is going on.

The minute they hear that there will be a new school in Weston, everyone reacts the same way I did: "This is wonderful." But when they understand and analyze the entire picture, they have a different response. Weston is not the place to build the new high school. Let's think of the kids first.

Monica Lema


Oldie But Goodie

A DJ who always stepped up: I have known Ron [Adler] for more than 30 years and followed his success from the early days ("Hooked on Vinyl," Dred Scott!, April 12). When I would see him play at parties, Ron injected more power and excitement for his audience than a hundred of today's DJs combined. He made the party, and that's why so many of his clients constantly had him back. He literally "played" the vinyl like it was a classy instrument. I also can't recall any time where he didn't have the record that someone wanted to hear at a party. It was a lot of work for him and his assistants — moving all the gear and the hundreds of records to every party and event that he played. The care with which he maintained his collection over the years was amazing, and I was always blown away at how he knew that his collection was... immortal.

I continue to respect Ron Adler to this day for what he did for his industry and now even more for helping the younger generation to appreciate and understand what it truly means to be... a disc jockey! Be well, my friend. Love ya.

Dave Graveline

Via the Internet

The history of a lot of parties: What a great story. Not only an interesting piece of rock 'n' roll history but very well-written. Stories like this don't make it into the big newspapers any more. I am going to start reading more New Times editions.

Judy Boric

Via the Internet

Don't Eat Your Meat

Have you tried the sautéed escarole? There's plenty to eat without eating meat ("A Gourmet in Party Central," Gail Shepherd, April 12). Trust me, I've been vegan for more than 15 years, and I enjoy a tasty and diverse diet. Most supermarkets, health food stores, and restaurants sell vegan options; even Burger King has a veggie burger, and Starbucks offers Silk soy milk.

Visit www.VegCooking.com for more tips, recipes, and product suggestions, information on regional and chain restaurants that offer meatless meals, and to order or download a free vegetarian starter kit.

Heather Moore

Senior Writer, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Norfolk, Virginia

What Davie Deserves

Dirty politics goes local, thinks locally: I very much enjoyed your article clearing the air about Dr. Phil Busey ("All You Need to Smear," Bob Norman, April 5). I found it all very interesting and accurate from start to finish. Dr. Busey is a friend of mine, and I worked very hard on his campaign. I must say it was one of saddest and most frustrating things in my life to see up-close and personal how local politics really operates. Actually, sickening is a better description. Phil would have been an outstanding and refreshing change to our bumbling town council in Davie.

Suzi Julius


Step by Step

We take you inside: You're getting there, guys. I loved Tailpipe's inside-out look at the Hard Rock in contrast to the disgusting media overplay on Anna Nicole ("Hollywood Transformed," Tailpipe, February 15) even though I'll never go anywhere near the place.

I don't drink, but Marya Summers is always fun to read, and your biting revelations about local problems sometimes evoke humor and, other times, disgust or anger! Always interesting. Keep it up!

Frank T. Goodwin


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