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Letters for April 3-9, 2008

Rage Against the Dispenser

I read with interest your story on the new wine bar, Vino, on Harrison Street in Hollywood ("Wine Bar Wine Bar," Tailpipe, March 20). I was intrigued by the variety of wines offered there by the glass in many nitrogen-stabilized machines. The access to the machines is by a card you need to charge.  So far, so good.  I didn't notice that the prices on these machines are by the ounce, ranging up to $6. The concept is supposed to be to try a small pour, then purchase the bottle.  This defeats the purpose of enjoying different wines.  I pissed through $50 so quickly that I vowed to never return. 

It is interesting that this establishment is also using my tax dollars as well. My personal favorite wine bar on Harrison is Hollywood Vine. They are very competitively priced, and they are nice folks as well.

Richard Katz


Phooey to You

After reading this article and realizing how ugly Fort Lauderdale is becoming toward our crowd ("Solar Eclipse," Thomas Francis, March 20), we are seriously considering canceling our two weeks in Fort Lauderdale in favor of New Orleans! If there is a problem and we can't turn to the police... then there is nowhere to turn. Disgusting.

Ric Corless

Asheville, North Carolina

Steroids are Good

I read the article "The Muscle Men" (Michael Mooney, March 13) with great interest. It appears to largely concentrate on the gray-market business side of the steroid debate, while offering scant support to the contention that steroids, when used by healthy males, are dangerous. The article seems to imply an ethical failure by physicians who prescribe testosterone and human growth hormone to otherwise healthy men. I would suggest the author Google "testosterone treatment" and "American Medical Association." Doing so will reveal an AMA report that notes, "No significant side effects have ever been reported in the medical literature from steroid use in healthy males."

Such a minor level of actual investigation might however paint a slightly more complex picture than the author of this investigative article would appear to like, so I can understand why it was avoided. However, I am confused, as the finger-pointing in this article seems to conflict with New Times' otherwise-tolerant view of most other casual/social drug use. Despite the vilification of organizations offering such treatment, New Times accepted four large advertisements from just such "rejuvenation" type organizations as are castigated in the article. I wonder what the Ethics Police would make of that?

Name withheld by request

West Palm Beach

Rack of Lam

Michael Mills' ranking of the Lam exhibition as one of the best of the year is indeed an honor ("On the Lam" February 13). As the person responsible for organizing and curating the exhibition, I express my thanks on behalf of those who participated in its realization. Special thanks is due to Ramon and Nercys Cernude of Cernuda Arte in Miami, without whose assistance it would not have been possible.

Curtis L. Carter, Curator

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

My Q, His A

Nice work! Your descriptive report made me feel like I was interviewing Sean Kingston myself ("Man-Child in the Promised Land," Jonathan Cunningham, March 6). Your perspective is very insightful. It's amazing to hear what he's gone through and how he's reached this stage in his life now. Thanks for the great report!

Name withheld by request


Save the Family

Thanks for writing such an enlightening article on an ever-growing field of Guitar Hero ("Guitar Zero, Ashley Harrell, February 14). As a parent of a son who is passionate about GH, it was great to see that we aren't the only parents enjoying the game with their kids. Your article showed that there is a tremendous amount of passion and interest in this new and sometimes addictive game.

You opened my eyes to the fact that it is more than just a game. It is an industry that sometimes unexpectedly promotes an activity that is capable of bringing families back together to reconnect and have fun again. It's more than just sitting in front of the TV playing games.  It's bonding with your child and realizing that GH is so simple and fun that we can let our adult guard down, relive the feeling of being a kid again, and get back to the sometimes forgotten "quality time."

By playing with my boys I have learned two things. One: your fingers will cramp up by trying to keep up with these young kids. Two: Matt is impossible to beat. However, if he doesn't let me win occasionally, I can always send him to bed early.

  Robert Lozano


Tacos Besmirched

I was really put off by your review on Rocco's Tacos ("Mas Tequila," John Linn, February 14"), because of your false statements regarding the food. Saying that our hard taco shells are stale and store-bought is flat-out false. I am a server there and I personally see them making them by hand everyday. We never use day-old chips or hard tortilla shells. Everything is made in-house and to order. The mole sauce is simmered all day long, and our food is exceptional. I never get complaints on the food... ever. All I can really say about your dining experience is that maybe you just had the one-in-a-million chance that we were under par. By the way, my last name is only a coincidence. I am in no way related to the owner.

Marc Rocco

West Palm Beach


In March 20's Tailpipe column, the article "Wine Bar Wine Bar" mistakenly stated the city of Hollywood gave restaurateur Fulvio Sardelli a $40,000 grant. The grant's actual amount was $25,000.

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