Letters for August 14-20, 2008

Keep the Bench Warm

"Royal Flushed" (Michael J. Mooney, August 7) points out some good facts, but it's way over-the-top on glamorizing playing poker for a living. Anyone who claims he plays poker for a living in Florida is a wannabe, a jerkoff, and a degenerate.  It's impossible to sustain a high standard of living on a game with a maximum buy-in of only $100.

 The best players in this town are not the self-proclaimed pros. They are the doctors, lawyers, professors, CPAs, and global businessmen who would never consider themselves "poker pros" out of shear embarrassment to their respective professions. Of course, everyone preys upon the tourist who enters the casino with a fixed amount he's willing to lose. I will say this: Things are going to get very ugly when the "buy-in" limits in Florida are raised. That will separate the men from the boys. Donkeys willing to risk their short stack of $100 preflop will have to think twice when the bet is $500, $1,000, or more.  Self-proclaimed pros used to sleeping in their cars better get used to streets and park benches.

 For the good, solid players, we can't wait for that day. It will be the day of retribution.

Name withheld by request

Miami Beach

Dark Knight

Thank you for your article on the Paul and Young Ron Show ("The Paul and Young Ron Experience," Michael J. Mooney, July 31). There were only two mistakes I could find. One, the ratings numbers — no doubt supplied to you by the very salesperson who was recently fired for lying, stealing, and public sexual exposure — were considerably lower than recent or even average Paul and Young Ron numbers. But who cares? The point is, people listen. The other mistake was the reporter's failure to mention Young Ron's alter ego, Super Young Ron, who has been sentinel along the cities' skylines for years now, fighting crime, stopping injustices, and settling arguments and/or domestic disputes in the name of peace, harmony, and justice. No offense, but funny is one thing; hero is quite another. Still, thanks for pointing us out. We'll read New Times from now on. Promise.

Steve Branzig, Executive Producer


Gettin' It Right

The game is called Shoots and Ladders, not Snakes and Ladders ("Heartwarming Story," Tailpipe, July 31). If you're gonna be a smart ass, at least be an accurate smart ass.

Name withheld by request

Via the internet

Editor's note: Thanks. That would be Chutes and Ladders, sometimes known as Snakes and Ladders. Google it.

Glory Comes Cheap

I wonder if Griselda Blanco gets a pass into heaven as a born-again Christian ("Surviving the Black Widow," Amy Guthrie, July 24). Considering she's "allegedly" responsible for 200-plus deaths? I want to know how Charles Cosby didn't just royally screw himself by participating in this documentary — either by the wrong people now knowing where he and his family reside or as an obvious confession for authorities to use against him. Statute of limitations?

Besides dealing crack and coke, which is almost certainly used to make crack, he came off in the doc as a decent human being. Kinda makes you sick at your stomach if you think about it — we humans pick some sick meat puppets to glorify sometimes.

Name withheld by request

Via the internet

More Shak Attack

You have just hit the tip of the iceberg ("Shak Attack," Bob Norman, July 24), though you are right on track with your comments. [Sheriff's candidate Shak Dhanji] has screwed over so many people including myself and has placed me in a financial mess. This guy is a joke. I like how he states in the article that he is going to ascend to his rightful position: "You have the right to remain silent..." He has taken advantage of so many people who actually wanted to do honest business with him. Just ask all of the investors.

Name withheld by request

Via the internet


Bob Norman's piece regarding the Charlie Crist Big Sugar deal was right on the mark ("Sugar Daddy," July 17). There is another Charlie giveaway in the works that makes me question the economic skills of our governor. This involves the sale (through a lease) of Alligator Alley to private investors. South Florida motorists and truckers are about to be screwed big-time if we don't stop it. Keep up your take-no-prisoners approach to journalism.

Arthur Bernstein

Boca Raton

Editor's note: See Norman's "Stop Charlie" (July 31) for his take on the Alligator Alley deal.

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