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Letters for December 2-8, 2004

Saints v. Triflers

Mike's amicus brief is a check: My reaction to the article "Enslaved," by Chuck Strouse (November 25) was: To what address should I mail my check? My contribution would be to help New Times fight the apparently frivolous and malicious lawsuit by Tribune, owner of the Sun-Sentinel. Frankly, I don't care whether New Times has enough resources to fight this by themselves. I still want to send my check.

Since I don't have that much money, I thought I would write this letter because I am sure there are hundreds if not thousands of people who feel the same way I do. I believe that New Times does a great service to South Florida. Bob Norman, having the guts to expose Florida's political corruption that would otherwise spread unimpeded, should be a candidate for sainthood. Every week, I pick up New Times and don't pay a penny.

Mike Crosland


Thanks, but who you callin' low-level? We are submitting this letter to you in reference to your recent article "Enslaved" (Chuck Strouse, November 25). We commend you on a well-written article. We are also proud that our editorial staff supports our employees and made it known to the public of their unfair treatment by the Tribune Company.

However, our classified account executives feel your description of their positions as "low-level advertising reps" is degrading. Granted, our positions as classified account executives is an entry level position, but it should not be referred to in such a derogatory manner. The majority of the reps in this department have years of experience in sales and are treated with much respect by the company for their accomplishments.

Nine Classified Account Executives

New Times Broward-Palm Beach

Fort Lauderdale

Macho, Macho Man

These sisters are deep: My name is Randy Jones and I'm the original Village People cowboy. I certainly enjoyed Tony Ware's piece on the Scissor Sisters ("Camp Classics," November 25). And yes, I'm very familiar with their music and the art of subversion. As time goes by, the depth and breadth of Village People's impact is a continual amazement. I guess we have taught our lessons well.

I've been watching and supporting the kids in Sisters as they have gotten their thing together here in the fertile (East) Village where I live. They really are a great and talented group of folks.

Randy Jones New York City

Who Doesn't Love Ya, Baby?

And get your knife outta my back: I am responding to Courtney Hambright's November 11 cover story written about me and my band Radar O'Reilly ("The je ne sais quoi of DMD"). We are shocked and disgusted by the comments made by Austin Carl, who books live music at the Billabong.

None of us would make a big deal if he had just criticized our music. Sure, I would go around saying the guy is clueless and would not know Killing Joke from Killdozer. Would I care that much? Not really. He crossed the friggin' line and went way further than that. Why not just tell every club owner in the area that not only do we suck musically but also we are inconsiderate stage hogs, we don't bring in a decent-sized crowd, and no band will gig with us? Sounds like "blackballing" to me. The guy vindictively slaughtered us on four different levels in one short paragraph, and some people expect me to take that? What stone did this asshole leave unturned? Do we beat people up? Do we ritually screw chickens before performances? What else?

The truth of the matter is that of the three shows we played at the Billabong (between December 2003 and February 2004) two were packed, and he made an assload at the bar. We provided sound, booked the bands (without force), and packed the place, and Austin Assclown decides to bump us (twice) from previously booked shows. Then he would not return my calls! He would not book us again because his indie "cronies" had enough of us outsiders cramping their superficial style. The guy runs into me recently and acts as though we are old friends. I considered playing the Billabong again, and now this?! We were nothing but nice to him, and this lowlife has screwed us not once but twice! The guy is a total backstabbing piece of shit!

Death Metal Douglas

Fort Lauderdale

Ilene Fallout

More power to the people: For the record, I must take issue with Bob Norman ("Our Mayor, the Lobbyist, Part 2," October 14) when, describing my notes of the selection committee meeting, he wrote, "Over the names [of those attending], he wrote that Pinnacle had 'met with all the right local people,' according to the Crystal Lakes file at the Housing Authority office in Lauderhill." You leave the distinct impression to the reader that I was referring to individuals like Bernie Friedman, Bill Keith, and Ilene Lieberman.

When Mr. Norman was at my office, he asked me what I meant by "all the right local people." I told him I was referring to Pinnacle's meeting with Crystal Lake residents, homeowners' associations adjacent to Crystal Lake, and other leaders in the Pinnacle neighborhood. I explained that I was impressed that Pinnacle had made an effort to speak with the local community before making a proposal to us. I was not referring to people he describes as "powerful members of the company's team."

Kevin Cregan, Executive Director

Broward County Housing Authority

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