Letters for December 25-December 31, 2008

Who's the Crook?

The issue of overcrowding in our aptly-named " criminal justice" system ("Pretrial Sellout," Bob Norman, December 18) is, if you forgive me for reaching into the depths of The Twilight Zone, probably related to the fact that in this Land of the Free there are 2.6 million laws and ordinances on the books. It's hard to walk down to the corner store without breaking at least one.

Given the above, it is inconceivable that lobbying a government agency is considered something respectable, rather than the felony that it should be. People go to jail all day long for bribery, shakedowns and racketeering. "I don't see the difference," I used to argue back in high school, and I still don't. If the matter ever came to a referendum, I'd vote to criminalize it.

The collusion between Mr. Book, the Parasite Lobbyist, and the commission members is nothing less than despicable, but I suppose that it's pretty much the standard across the land. In this case in particular, I'd love to see these scumbags go to jail for at least 10 years, beginning at a point past full capacity, and be made to bear the full weight of what they are proposing.

Name withheld by request

West Palm Beach

Welcome to the Jingle

I compare your review ("Amuse Your Delusion," Rob Harvilla, December 2) to a douche. I hate to inform you, but there will never be another Appetite for Destruction. Kurt Cobain could come back from the dead, make a new Nirvana album, and you would unfavorably compare it to Nevermind, wouldn't ya? [Chinese Democracy] is ambitious and better than anything considered rock nowadays. Rap is crap, it's too easy to pick on country, and atrocious garbage called rock, like Nickelback and Staind, unbelievably sucks. So what if it took 17 years to make? At least it's here, and I get a free Dr. Pepper. I saw [Guns N' Roses] two years ago live, and they didn't miss a beat. The old man's still got it and has proved many wrong, though not many will admit it. Where's Velvet Revolver, STP, and Slash's Snakepit today? A few tracks are not that great. At least Axl can use actual rhyming words. Who gives a damn if it took 82 guitarists in 94 studios, Axl has cornrows, and a guy with a KFC bucket on his head played on the album. After another listen or two, I think you'll admit this is a pretty damn good album and a long overdue attempt at bringing rock 'n' roll back.



Perhaps you can recommend some music to me. You seem like quite the authority, because it appears Axl's latest was extreme torture to you. Or is it just fashionable for reviewers to hate everything and never, ever express joy? Better yet, perhaps you can show me what you've done in the last 10 years.


Via the internet

Read It Up

Thank you so much for your "Drink It Up" article (Amy Guthrie, November 20). You did a fantastic job of reporting and research in the article, and obviously spent a significant amount of time on the piece.  You were excellent at capturing the views of residents of the Mobile Home Park.  It's absolutely atrocious that the state has let the water company keep operating, and it's inexcusable.  Hopefully your piece provided some insight for others, and will garner some public interest or be picked up by larger media like the Sun-Sentinel.  

Gordon Strassberg

Pembroke Pines

Kick in the Head 

I was walking towards the mailbox and instantly was drawn to the cover illustration of New Times Newspaper for Broward and Palm Beach, with the title Fear of the Queer (Bob Norman, November 13). I am absolutely appalled by the large number of African-American voters who were opposed Prop. 2. It is sad to see a society which has finally reached an era where we can elect an African-American as our President but we can deny the rights of another group in our communities. I think it's important for our community to see how wrong this is, and how its time to "wake up".

Alex Salinas

Via the internet


New Times staff writers cleaned up big-time in the Society of Professional Journalists' 2008 Florida Awards of Excellence contest. Top honors included Deirdra Funcheon's "Rx for Plunder," for business reporting; Amy Guthrie's "Switch Hitter," for sports; Ashley Harrell's "High Seas," for non­deadline feature writing; and Edmund Newton, Tailpipe, for humorous column. Funcheon, Guthrie, and Music Editor Jonathan Cunningham also raked in secondary awards.

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