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Letters for December 27, 2001

A nuisance of a board: Good story about the West Palm Beach Nuisance Abatement Board ("This Bad House," December 6), but Wyatt Olson stopped in the middle. He should have looked further. What happens when the nuisance is abated? Does it disappear forever? Evanesce into space? Vanish, never to reappear? Nah! What it does is move to another location -- within West Palm Beach, probably, or maybe -- to the NAB's delight -- to the next town. Wherever it goes, you can be sure of one thing: It ain't going far! Lots of money in them there drugs. Lots of money in peddling that pussy. Commerce. Supply and demand. Gotta sell where the customers are. What the NAB does is move it around. Shut it down here and it will open up over there. Lots of money! They're spinning their wheels, chasing their tails.

Richard Aull
via the Internet

We Israelites are decent, dude! Answer to the letter written by Smiley, Lake Worth, on December 6 ("Anti-Semites Unite"): How sorry I am for you to be so angry. What makes you so hateful? And did a Jewish person do something to you individually that makes you so angry at the Jews? And further, what is it that Jews do to white people (according to you) and to "America in general?" You are the state director of the World Church of the Creator, and I would think that in this position, you would be more tolerant, passionate, and understanding of all people. But I think you are just angry at the world!

As a Jew, I have Christian, black, and Hispanic neighbors, and we all live in a peaceful climate. In fact, some of my best friends are Christian. So, try to believe that we want peace and harmony as much as you do!

Name withheld by request
via the Internet

This just in from the Western Front: In response to Erez Talshahar's October 25 letter, first of all sieg heil. Second of all, I guess you did not bother to read Adam Pitluk's September 6 story, "The Heart of Whiteness," which clearly outlined why we believe as we do. Minorities are destroying everything our ancestors have fought and died for; we'll be damned if we're going to give it all up now. Love thy neighbor? Why don't you tell that to your brothers in Israel. Your propaganda machine has done a good job of making Israel look like the good guys in the Middle East. The world will soon realize the recent tragedies in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania were caused by Israel's genocidal eradication of its neighbors. And what about the Holohoax?

Pitluk's article "Fists of Jewry" (October 25) glorifies some Jew and throws some things in about Nazi atrocities. I guess that allows you to forgive the paper for being an outlet for our movement. Hail victory!

Bobby A. Stephenson
Boca Raton

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