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Letters for December 5, 2002

Nader's Raiders weigh in: The Miami-Dade Green Party expresses its deep appreciation for the November 14 article, "The Antiwarriors," by Bob Norman. It is refreshing indeed to read this well-written and in-depth article on an important news event that the so-called "mainstream" media chose to ignore.

Again, our thanks.

Stacy Davids, Herbert Siegel, Co-chairs, Media Relations

Alan Kobrin, Steve Showen,

Party Co-chairs

Jackie Yde, Media Relations, Miami

Miami-Dade Green Party

via the Internet

Friends, Romanians, countrymen, lend me your ears: I am from Romania. I read with a lot of interest "The Antiwarriors." I don't know if my opinion is of any interest to you, but I am going to express it anyway.

First of all, Norman said in his article that Sara Iglesias writes at the end of her e-mails that people from all over the world are looking at the American citizens to stop the war. I don't know if that is really true. But one thing is for sure: People from a lot of countries are going to blame the American citizens if this war with Iraq takes place. As a matter of fact, the American citizens are blamed for everything that is decided and done by the American leaders. And I think this is true not only for the Americans. In Romania, we have this saying: "A people is judged by the actions of its leaders." This is why there are so many people all over the world who blame the American citizens for all kinds of things. They don't know that a lot of Americans don't agree with the president's decisions. They think that whatever the government decides and does is OK with everyone in this country.

I saw on TV that [Saddam] Hussein agreed for the U.N. inspectors to go to Iraq. He says that he is doing this for his people. I wonder if anyone believes that. I think that his decision is based on one of the following possibilities:

1. He doesn't really have any mass-destruction weapons. And when he saw that he is about to bring war to Iraq, he said, "OK, let the inspectors come." Why didn't he let them come earlier? He would have lost respect and power in the eyes of Iraqis.

2. He says he doesn't want to involve Iraq in a new war. This way, he gains more respect in his people's eyes as a leader who really cares for his people. And more respect means more power. And then, when we least expect, he goes to war -- with a lot more people standing by his side than he has now.

Cosmin Miclea


Lies, damn lies, and statistics: I am a Turkish-American, and I was shocked when I read Bob Norman's October 24 article, "Wexler's Travels." You are taking the arguments of the Armenian community and an old communist PKK supporter to use as reference in your article. All the figures were also manipulative in your article: 30,000 Kurds you claimed the Turkish government killed is a figure that includes all the casualties, including Turkish soldiers, and Kurds killed by PKK. I believe you will appreciate Mr. Wexler when you learn about Turkey -- if you are a fair person.

Ibrahim Tansel

Coral Gables

The two faces of Wexler: I enjoyed reading "Wexler's Travels." You know, I had always thought that the American Jews were liberal, Democratic advocates of fairness, justice, and human rights and especially of helping the "underdog." When I read about [Robert] Wexler's pro-Turkish stance, I was amazed!

The actions and values presently espoused by Turkey and even Israel right now must be totally against whatever it is that even Wexler believes in, deep in his heart. But to get as many Jewish and other votes as possible, Mr. Wexler needs to turn his back on his own personal beliefs and simply support everything that Israel does, right or wrong -- and everything that Turkey does, right or wrong, because this country is side-by-side with Israel. It's shallow and it's lying, but isn't that the way we've trained politicians to be in the real world?

I would also like to mention the book Black Dog of Fate, by Peter Balakian, which talks about some of the other "niceties" the Turks have perpetrated in their genocide of our Armenian people -- including all of my relatives, whom they killed simply because they were Armenian or Christian, which was not mentioned in the article. There are a number of other books on the Armenian genocide that are of interest. Of course, the Turks say that there never was any Armenian genocide and that there probably never was any killing of the Jews either. Anyone who suggests such things in Turkey gets tortured, excommunicated, or whatever other wonderful human-rights measures of choice Turkey is using this week.

I think we would all like to make this world a better place to live, with better people and Judeo-Christian biblical values, to bring more peace, happiness, and joy to the world and to people's lives. Wexler's two-faced, self-motivated actions are going entirely in the wrong direction.

James H. Batmasian

Boca Raton

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