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Letters for December 6-12, 2007

Faith in Farms

Selling second-hand furniture does not a cult make: I am writing about your recent article concerning Faith Farms ("A Drunkard's Prayer," Michael Mooney, November 22). I have a son who is at that facility. I have visited several times. It is a great place, helping a lot of people. It is a Christian based program NOT a cult. These men have not been brainwashed, they have been saved by the grace of GOD. They choose to serve a greater being than their addiction.

As for meals, they are fed very well. My son went into the program seven months ago at 157 lbs, and he now weighs 240 lbs. So they must be feeding them VERY well. The guys don't make very much for their labor, but are you aware that this program is absolutely FREE to these men? They don't have to pay a cent. I feel very blessed that my son is in such a great place. The pastor and all the staff are very friendly, nice, and helpful. It is obvious that they are Christian people. As for the place being full of drunks and addicts, that may have been true at one time, but thanks to Faith Farms and Jesus Christ, they are now recovering addicts and drunks. You should be thankful that you have such a wonderful place that is helping so many people, available right there in your community. You or someone you love may need them some day.

Marsha Molands

Clarkrange, Tennessee

Witness for the Prosecution

Put the prosecutor on trial too: Great article about the work of a great investigator, whose job is to expose the truth behind the allegations in criminal trials ("Have Terror, Will Travel," Bob Norman, November 22). But the actions taken by this court come as no surprise to those of us who participate on a regular basis. It is the prosecutor who bears the greatest responsibility, however. The decision to present such dubious evidence is made by the Assistant U.S. Attorney, who should be the co-focus of this trial.

Mark Murnan

Via the Internet

The Discrimination Hustle

Legal racism starts with lawyering: I read your article about the Barron case, and I, too, use to work for the city of Dania, until I was recently wrongfully terminated (" Wish I Was in Dixie," Ashley Harrell, November 15). I won't say it was racism, because I feel they cover their tracks pretty well now, so that "we people" can't use that term. If you notice, there is a black person in almost every department working as a manager or supervisor. That's just a cover up is how I see it. But it doesn't stop the wrongful treatment. If you are someone who stands up for yourself, they have to get rid of you, because then you become a threat to them. They terminated me due to false allegations and without investigating the situation. How I see it, they all have to stick up for one another because none of them are doing their job.

Brenda Lowary


Bananas for Kimchi

You gotta taste it to believe it: Great article on Korean cuisine ("Seoul Child," John Linn, November 29). I remember how skeptical I was when first trying it. People ask me what it's like, but it's so unique that it's hard to describe.

Name withheld by request

Scottsdale, Arizona

Spare Me the Cutes

The simpler the name, the longer the ride: I enjoyed your article on rules for naming a band ("The Adjective Nouns," Jonanna Widner, November 15). As a musician, this is a subject close to my heart. However, I think you left out the number one taboo in band names. Using the "Blank and the Blanks" concept. Lame, lame lame! Now when the band has a separate name from the star namesake, that's different (like Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band).

Cutsey or funny names are bad too. Clever wordplays can be funny, but few successful bands use them. The most successful bands in history almost all have, or had, names that were short and sweet. The Who. The Doors. The Kinks. Queen. Journey. U-2. The Police. The Pogues. The Cranberries. Eminem. Evanescence. Abba. Temptations. Nirvana. Or simply using the name of the front person. Bruce Springsteen. Bob Seger. John Cougar.

In summation, when it comes to band names, the simpler the better.

Kurt Kelly

Delray Beach

Society Sugar

Some people have it sweet: Isaiah Thompson's "Sugar Daddies" (October 18) is a great story. South Beach is full of sugar daddies and sugar babies. If you are a cute girl, why work if someone will cover all of your bills?

Want to see a real high-class whore? Check out the society wives in New York and Connecticut. A marriage without a prenup is worth $100 million-plus to them — per marriage. The writer, Mr. Thompson, has a great future.

Tim Balsam

Via the Internet

No Regrets

Sometimes you need a recovery program: I'm a male to female to male like Michael Berke ("Tranny Regret," Ashley Harrell, October 11). I also was guided by a church to restore my birth gender. I underwent the surgical removal of "snoopy," but nonetheless the return to male has been wonderful. I'm an alcoholic and drug addict, now clean for 21 years. I authored a book to encourage others to not give up. Michael can have success as a male, but a recovery program may be necessary. Your story about Michael was so much like the struggle I also went through.

Name withheld by request

Palm Desert, California

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