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Letters for December 6, 2001

Watch out for this one, Kai! It was interesting to read of the current exploits of Kai Thorup in Amy Roe's November 15 story, "Bittersweet Charity." Not only did I work with him at Nova but I was associated with an organization he once ran that was a personal venue for his social and political agenda. It was a load of crap.

After reading your article regarding the incident at downtown clubs, I must agree with his critics that he was likely seeking to rectify his less-than-adequate effort in raising funds for a worthy cause. Just the name of his organization, Rock the Boat, reflects his attitude and is disgraceful when associating itself with families and heroes who lost their lives on September 11.

Thank you for your unbiased view on this incident and on clubs downtown struggling to make money in economically trying times. Thorup should try getting a real job and not sucking the funds of society for his half-hearted and ill-conceived events.

Robert Hilbert

Do me a favor and stay off my side: Another great story from your newspaper ("Hate Man," Susan Eastman, October 18).

I thoroughly enjoyed the write-up on white racialism in Florida, and I was glad to be a part of it. I just hope that other publications will take your approach. I also wanted to thank you for not degrading Lloyd Shank, as Adam Pitluk did not degrade us in his September 6 story, "The Heart of Whiteness." All we want is to be understood and respected for our beliefs. I am now state director of the World Church of the Creator, and I will do everything in my power to make Florida aware of the atrocities that the Jews commit against not only white people but against America in general.

Lake Worth

Find a new Jen? Impossible! Jen Karetnick's October 18 review of Conca D'Oro was really backstabbing and completely out of line. We have been customers of this restaurant for 24 years.

Jen should stick to McDonald's and other places like that. What kind of food did she grow up on? Spam? We eat at Conca D'Oro at least three times a week and have never had bad food or bad wine. We and our friends demand that Jen write an apology to DeLuca and that he invite Jen back in for dinner. New Times, it's time for a new food critic. By the way, service is very good at our favorite restaurant. Thank you.

Customers and Friends of Conca D'Oro
via the Internet

Where in the world is Charmaine Santiago (coming from)? I want to express dismay and outrage at the review of one of South Florida's best eating institutions. Conca D'Oro has existed for as long as I have been a resident here and has always been a favorite for me, my family, and fellow South Floridians. I normally enjoy your reviews and use them as a reference, but this was an enormous exception.

I want to begin with saying that the beginning discourse regarding her desire to get fat on comfort food was not only ridiculously unprofessional but any attempt it made on making light of the September 11 attacks was monstrously distasteful. I also want to defend this restaurant in saying that I have always relied on it for the times that I relish a dining-out experience and have always counted on its being consistent, fresh, and superauthentic.

Karetnick's review will make me reconsider reading your publication's restaurant reviews. If you guys can get this one so far off the mark, then I am not sure if I want to know what else your reviewers are misleading us with.

Charmaine Santiago
via the Internet

Another doubting Scott: I found this story to be a blatant attack on a local, family-owned and -operated restaurant. Every time I have eaten at Conca D'Oro, I have had nothing but an enjoyable experience, with the best-tasting Italian food in South Florida.

I find it very hard to believe that the author of this article went to this restaurant and had such a negative experience. I don't believe this newspaper should be trashing a restaurant that has been able to serve people for so many years.

Scott Sobol

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