Letters for December 7-13, 2006

Jaco Lives!

Get back to basics, dude: Great to see someone finally print a story about Jaco's crippling legacy ("Jaco Incorporated," Jeff Stratton, November 30). Bob Bobbing is a total control freak who, unbeknownst to himself, was actually describing himself when talking about Rutherford and Vicen. It's sad that Jaco's oldest two are brainwashed by Bobbing into killing anything good about promoting Jaco for the future. Where are all these releases Bobbing has ready? Get those out to feed the fans. I, like so many, am tired of hearing the bull****. Thanks for the truth! Great story!

Name withheld by request

Spelling, New York

Where's the world's greatest bass player in all of this? You know what? It's time for these people apologize to the twins and to fans all over the world. I remember waiting for, like, two years for the "official" website and getting an "Under construction" message. What's the deal? You guys won't move your asses and won't let anybody else do nice things. Come on, Oakland Park!

And please, please stop with this B.S. about dark years. Jaco was a whole result vector of his own. What else? Mozart died in debt, Schumann cut the skin between his fingers to get a wider reach on the piano and died crazy. Is that really important? Want to get the real Jaco biography? Get the CD and press play, man! That's all you need.

Atila Tini

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Walking the Plank

Offenders aren't necessarily predators: Thank you for having the courage to write the story on "proximity laws" ("Not in My Bus Stop," Julia Reischel, November 30). I realize how charged the environment is as it relates to the topic of sex offenders, since I am a registered sex offender. Most people — especially our legislators — think emotionally, and not logically, when it comes to this topic.

While no one is arguing against protecting our children, the hysteria surrounding this topic is clouding the real issues. People such as the young man you profiled in your story or those caught in those "sting" operations which the TV program Dateline has profiled recently, are treated the same as someone who has actually harmed a victim — there are no distinctions as to the severity of the actual offense. Offenders need a place to live, jobs, and therapy! I was let go from a job after six months simply because someone recognized me and complained to management.

Tony G.


Loose Slots

When you get to Caruthersville, turn left: I do a lot of research on slots, and I do not believe that Broward's slots are the tightest in the country ("The Tightest Slots in Town," Bob Norman, November 30).

Slot machines in Lyon County, Nevada, offer the highest returns of any area in the U.S., averaging 95.75 percent. The country's lowest-paying slots were at Casino Aztar in Caruthersville, Missouri, where the machines returned only 89.5 percent.

Steve Bourie


Editor's note: Bourie is author of The American Casino Guide.

Mr. and Mrs. Fischbein's charmed life: I beg to differ with your opinion on the new Gulfstream casino. My wife and I are not mindless zombies who were born prior to Hitler's regime.

We have visited Gulfstream twice, both times with a $200 bankroll and are now more than $1,500 ahead. We enjoy slots and intend to visit each new casino as they open.

Sam Fischbein


Late-Night Opinion

Nobody ever said oily before: Disheartened and perplexed is how I felt upon finishing your description on a late night at Cucina Dell'Arte ("Late-Night Bites," Gail Shepherd, November 30). In the nearly four years I've been at Cucina, I have honestly never had a complaint about the food due to freshness or quality. Truth be told, I am obsessed with both quality and freshness — with seafood in particular, because of its extreme delicateness. To read about your experience with the branzino was distressing to say the least.

Although it may not seem so at 1 a.m., at Cucina, food is everything. It's paramount to us and always has been. I apologize if the branzino was not to your taste or if the calamari was a bit oily. I assure you we work hard to "properly balance" our aiolis and serve only the best-quality produce, seafood, and meats available at any cost.

Kent Thurston, Executive Chef/Partner

Cucina Dell'arte

Palm Beach

Who's Callin' Who a Whore?

They're a civilized group of ladies: Marya Summers was out of line and extremely rude ("Bad Boyz n the Hood"). I am an employee at Neighborhood Sports Grill, and I have never meet a group of women that are as intelligent, charming, and beautiful as the women I work with. Fortunately for us, your article was laughed at. Everybody says that you're some fat lady who can't get a guy, so you're jealous of the beautiful girls.

I love the part about the girl calling us whores, when she goes out to try to get some guy to buy her drinks. Um, what do you call that? Summers wrote that she had a terrible experience, but she ended up meeting a guy who she seemed interested in? That's what Neighborhood prides itself on. We have all different kinds of people drawn to that place, not just the "meat-heads." There are nights when you can find a man worth billions sitting next to a bum who came in for a soda, and we treat each person the same as the next.

If you took the time to speak with one of my fellow employees, you would understand why the place is so popular. Each girl holds herself with so much class and integrity. Unlike other places, there are no drugs and no drinking behind the bar. And we all follow the rules. Almost every girl in there has a serious boyfriend, so it's pretty obvious that the whore statement came from jealousy.

Nicole Piccolo

Via the Internet

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