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Letters for February 27, 2003

Whoa-whoa-whoa, she's a lady: Bob Norman, how honest and squeaky clean are you? Bet you got some things in your closet you do not want known. However, you did try to burn Miriam Oliphant ("Burn, Oliphant, Burn," February 13). Wrong, Bobby -- she is a lady -- you appear to be a hardheaded, under-the-table hitter.

Heard so many times that Lori Parrish was frustrated and bent on getting Oliphant for beating her to the punch for the nomination. Parrish also wanted to be sheriff. She appears to be dying to get further with her big mouth, double chin, and long, young-girl hair that needs help. I have sat through commission meetings and could tell what words she was trying not to say out loud but were well-read by me. She is no angel. Didn't she hire the ES&S Co.? Was she not the leading proponent for it? Didn't Sen. Campbell help her with it?

Neither of them are clean; Oliphant is. When they are confronted with something they did apparently wrong, they say, "Oh, I did not know that" or "No kidding!" Miriam Oliphant is one smart lady. Her downfall was the hiring of ES&S by "them." She did not want them. Put your horns back on, Bob Norman; you look better with them on you.

John Nagle

Fort Lauderdale

Racism lives; sarcasm is dead: I have just finished reading Bob Norman's February 13 story, and a few things come to mind: One is that Norman has to be white. I say that because he says (and with so much conviction) that racism does not exist in South Florida. Only someone white could be that ignorant. Racism is alive and well in South Florida and the rest of the country, for that matter. Anybody black can tell you that.

Let me ask you, why so much hate for Ms. Oliphant? What has she done so bad that is provable? I have been trying to follow this whole thing since it started, and all I hear is people like him saying she should go, but no one will say why. She hired friends and associates. Doesn't every president and elected official do the same? Have you ever heard of the phrase, "To the victor go the spoils"? I am pretty sure Norman would do the same thing.

I wish somebody would bring some real topics to the table. Otherwise, shut the fuck up!

Maury Alston

via the Internet

Et tu, Kevin? Interesting use of tu quoque. Modern American liberal Democrats who are white and incompetent means it is OK to have modern American liberal Democrats who are black and incompetent. Affirmative action goes to a new level. I think Bob Norman may have gone to the same accounting school as Miriam the dolt.

You say that she "overspent her budget by $921,000" and that "More than half of that money went to new positions and staff raises. The rest went to operating costs and capital expenditures." New positions and staff raises are operating costs. Capital expenditures are reported on a different column. Next Norman will tell me he believes in "lockboxes." Jackass.

Kevin Smith

Fort Lauderdale

Bob Norman responds: I'm not one to jump into an argument with a guy who throws obscure, academic Latin phrases around with such ease, but I have to point out that the county audit had operating costs, capital expenditures, and salaries in three separate categories. So you'll have to take it up with that other jackass, the county auditor. Also, just for the record, I'm all for getting rid of incompetent white liberals, and I must admit that I do believe in lockboxes. I've seen some of them with my own eyes. In fact, my parents kept one in their bedroom closet.

A hardcore fan: I really enjoyed Rebekah Gleaves' February 6 article on Wendy Iwanow ("The Porn Star Next Door"). I have been a friend of hers for quite a while and always hated when the mainstream news said negative stuff about her. I think Gleaves and I both know what a nice person she really is. It is rare that the adult industry doesn't get slammed and sensationalized by the press. So thank you for a balanced, neutral story.

Cindi Loftus, Head Writer

Xcitement Magazine

Fort Lauderdale

We don't need no education: Tell me this is a joke. At Broward's Cypress Bay High School in upper-class Weston, a number of decent, studious, well-behaved kids are not being looked on kindly by the school's administrators ("Ghetto Preppy," Rebekah Gleaves, January 30).

In fact, it seems the principal is so "unkindly" that he wants them out. Let's see now, what's the story on these kids? Are they smoking on campus, doing drugs, disturbing class, acting out? Are they just plain pains in the ass? NO!

These kids have the nerve to dress ghetto preppy: neat, loose clothing, long shirts worn out.

Who cares? Why the hell should anyone give a damn about this? There is so much more to zero in on kids for. One kid, in particular, Danny Dickey, seems to be the favorite target. Besides those previously mentioned attributes, the kid is a sharp promoter.

I have a message for my colleagues at Cypress Bay who have gotten out of the classroom and into the halls of administration: Are they old enough to remember Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall"? Administrators, leave those kids alone.

Alan W. Rigerman

Palm Springs North

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