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Letters for February 28-March 5, 2008

Phantom Votes

Can you run that by me again? Phantom voting in Florida again ("Incredible Turnout," Tailpipe, February 21)! Once again, the magical, secret vote-counting computers have counted more votes than were cast by the voters, and the computers were so efficient that they magically counted more votes than could have been cast even if every registered voter had voted.

Wait, I thought that the computers counted so well that all of our voting problems would be fixed. Imagine Bush, Cheney, and the New World Order crowd smiling like the Grinch and laughing sinisterly every time they hear that our voting problems have been fixed. Why? Well, things are fixed now, just not the way that any honest American would expect.

For information about action being taken in Florida, Texas, and Ohio to make sure that our votes are counted accurately, see Project Vote Count at www.ProjectVoteCount.com.

Mark A. Adams

Project Vote Count


Plugged In

You too can drive an electric car: Great article in New Times ("Are We There Yet?," Deirdra Funcheon, February 21). Well-done, and folks are reporting that the details were spot-on. I drive an Electric RAV4-EV from Fort Lauderdale to Miami Airport and back on one charge. Part of our awareness campaign is that anyone can go electric. The RAV4 is a factory electric, but most South Florida electric cars are conversions from gas cars. Certainly a new industry for jobs in South Florida. See www.fevj.org for more information. Folks were delighted to see genuine reporting for a change.

Paul F. Renneisen

Fort Lauderdale

Beating the drum for low emissions: I am on the Florida Electric Automotive Forum, and our administrator gave us a link to your article in New Times where you covered the history and challenges of the EV industry in a really comprehensive, professional, and entertaining way. Thanks so much for that! This summer, my husband, 14-year-old daughter, and I will invest two months traveling through Florida demonstrating electric vehicles to Floridians at Unitarian Churches, Sierra Clubs, etc. It is difficult to educate the nonengineering public about EVs in a fun and informative way. But you did it well! Congratulations to New Times also for allowing Deirdra Funcheon to have the time to do in-depth coverage of an emerging industry (electric vehicles) that could do so much in helping with our environmental problems.

Fran Sullivan-Fahs


Cool and Disturbing

Sometimes a bad story is a good read: What a haunting piece ("Spank the Monkey," Amy Guthrie, February 7). Thank you. It is classical in its poise.

Michael R. Brown

Davis, California


A slice of not-so-magical life: A very intense story with great writing ("Dark Passage," Tamara Lush, January 24). I enjoyed reading this little slice of Miami life.

Name withheld by request

Via the internet

Why I feel the way I feel: I disliked Miami when I was there. Now I hate it for taking my beautiful friend Kelley.

Name withheld by request

Via the internet

Have they tried waterboarding yet? The facts in this case are pretty simple. A group of good, innocent people died at the hands of two thugs. The rest of the article was nothing more than conjecture, innuendo, rumor, opinion, and speculation — everything that makes for a sensationalized story.

But there is one thing I cannot ever seem to get past. Why is it that our society "owes" it to these two to give them such fair treatment? In my book, hook the young one's privates up to a car battery and give him a couple of hits to motivate him to tell the whole truth. Then use that confession to nail his boyfriend.

Name withheld by request

Via the internet

Ready for Action

What I learned from Jammer Man: I am a daily Tri-Rail commuter ("Jammer Man," Michael J. Mooney, January 17). I am going to buy a jammer to thwart all the obnoxious jerks on their phones who seem to think that I and other commuters really need to hear about their bowel problems, how their girlfriend is cheating on them, about what the baby did today, how much they can swear, how loud and how long someone can talk (without stopping for breath) in a different language, about their golf game, their sales scheme, shopping trips, or what he said she said and then OMG what she said then, etc. I am amazed at certain people who play with their phones calling everyone on their lists to talk about stupid crap the entire train ride.

We don't need to hear it, people. Valid, respectfully quiet cell conversations are one thing. We all need to do it. No one is talking about jamming doctors or emergency workers here. Talking about bullcrap no one wants to hear about, as loud and as long as you can, is another. Then you deserve to be jammed. You have no respect for anyone else. Until you get some manners and discretion, prepare to be jammed!

Name withheld by request

Via the internet

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