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Letters for February 3-9, 2005

Good Friends

Don't make good stories: I enjoy reading New Times; in fact, for a period of time, it was the only paper I read... but I'm kind of growing tired of the "circle jerk" that's blatantly tainting your periodical.

I just find it bad journalism to interview people who currently write for your paper in stories -- for example, interviewing Tim Moffatt in the blue balls story published January 27 ("Blue Huh?" Courtney Hambright). I mean, there are almost 2 million people in Broward County to interview. Can't you find someone who isn't regularly in the paper to talk about their blue balls?

Jackie Weisbein


Tuscan Tripe

Get it right, fellas: I am deeply disheartened by Riki Altman's review of my client's restaurant, Rino's Tuscan Grill ("Tuscan Triumph," January 20). Rest assured, I write you not to quibble over some of the unnecessary, sarcastic remarks that pepper the review; they are a matter of style. My concern lies with Altman's apparent disinterest in fact-checking:

Chef Balzano does not, nor has he ever, owned any interest in any Louie Louie location.

The black lobster ravioli is, in fact, lobster meat -- untouched by squid ink -- encased in homemade ravioli that have been infused with squid ink. We believe Altman misunderstood the waiter's explanation.

Unlike the archaic recipe Ms. Altman found online, the hare sauce at Rino's Tuscan Grill is not prepared with blood, lungs, liver, and the heart of the animal. Had Altman thought to ask the waiter or Chef Balzano, she would have been informed that that practice was unsanitary by modern standards and that the hare sauce is prepared, simply enough, with marinated rabbit meat braised with carrots, onions, celery, rosemary, and bay leaves.

The veal at Rino's Tuscan Grill is not breaded, nor has a breaded veal special been offered since the restaurant opened late last year. According to The Food Lover's Companion, saltimbocca is composed of "thinly sliced veal sprinkled with a thick slice of prosciutto; sautéed in butter, then basted in white wine." This is indeed the method in which Balzano prepares the dish.

Though she did call to inform Balzano of the review, we encourage Altman to consider discussing dish preparation with chefs.

Susan Brustman

Susan Brustman & Associates Public Relations


Break for Bikers

Give peace a chance: It is sad to know that the best place in the world, Southeast Florida, is the worst place to ride a bicycle ("The Punching Bag Punches Back," Jeff Stratton, January 20).

I have experienced violence similar to that mentioned in the story and will not ride my bicycle unless I am with others. The rude motorists' days are numbered, however, because soon we will be able to film them. We will be able to make them regret it by making an example of them. Thank you for this story. I hope the public can learn from it and give bicyclists a break and the ability to live a healthy life.

Charles Werner


Colon Correction

It's not tha-a-at big: The "Midway Madness" article by Paul Leone was awesome (Night & Day, January 13). All of us at the Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation got a big kick out of it, and I'm sure the colon would be proud.

In the article, Paul mentions that the colon is 40 by 4 feet. However, the colon at the fair is actually 20 by 8 feet.

Kate Morris

Via the Internet

Pierce and Draft Dodge

Better than heading north: I enjoyed Rick Kennedy's January 6 article about body piercing ("Pierce and Play"). I think that in the near future, the people involved in this business might become instant millionaires.

As we all know, the Bush administration is losing the war in Iraq. Out of desperation, he will have to start the draft. Knowing the values of our president, I doubt the military will accept anybody who has gone through body piercing. They will be classified as mentally unacceptable for military service.

People like Joe Amato will have thousands of customers in a short time. Then he will be able to charge $1,000 for the piercing instead of $45, especially if women will also be drafted. Yes, President Bush will make a lot of people wealthy and a lot of young people happy that they will not have to go to Iraq.

Michael Cohen

West Palm Beach

On the Forgetful Father

Remember Joe: I really enjoyed Bob Norman's December 16 article regarding Joe Eggelletion and his questionable activities as a member of the Broward commission ("The Lobbyist Who Wasn't There"). It was quite informative. Thanks for keeping the public educated. Keep up the great work.

Troy Samuels

Via the Internet

No Homophobe

And no crusader: I refer to the New Times publication of September 2, 2004, and the report "Jamaica Yes Problem," written by Jeff Stratton. I suggested to Stratton that he speak with Don "Rico" Ricketts to try to obtain a sociological background for the extreme antipathy to male homosexuals that has long existed in Jamaica. But, I should note, in all my dealings with Ricketts, the subject of homosexuality has never arisen. And I have no knowledge of his otherwise expressing any public or private view on homosexuality.

Your paper's characterization of Ricketts as a "leading antigay crusader" was a complete and utter fiction, a hurtful lie.

Gilbert B. Dunkley


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