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Letters for January 15, 2004

Or maybe just send him out: Wyatt Olson's January 8 article ("Enviro-Hassles") hits the nail right on the head when it comes to describing the sad state of environmental affairs in Gov. Bush's Florida. There is only one question that remains for me: Why does Benji Brumberg continue to feel the need to apologize for his old boss? Since taking office, Bush has had an absolutely horrid record on environmental protection.

The article made note of the eventual approval of the Suwannee American Cement Plant along the Ichetucknee River (which is undeniably one of the most beautiful places in the state, if not the country.) The shady dealings by Gov. Bush and Department of Environmental Protection Secretary David Struhs in that matter epitomize the utter disregard of the administration for environmental conservation. The fact that the governor and his political party received more than $180,000 from the cement plant's owners after the deal was closed merits an investigation to see whether impeachment proceedings should be brought.

Unless Florida's air, water, soil, natural habitats, and wildlife begin throwing $2,000-a-plate fundraisers for the state's higher-ups, they will continue to be recklessly disregarded in favor of the wealthy developers and polluters who cozy up to our developer-king of a governor.

Pete Ulanowicz

Via the Internet

An eloquent defense: In response to Courtney Hambright's January 8 article titled "G-strings at the Boardwalk," I am a highly respected, sought-after female impersonator who has been in the "biz" for over 20 years. True, I am older (59 years young), but have never been referred to as a "large, worn-out drag queen." For the record, I was not wearing a "baby-blue bouffant wig reminiscent of a beastly cotton candy." What I wore is a custom-designed blue and silver feather headpiece with a designer blue and silver gown. (The price of the two pieces would astonish you!)

With my 16 years of working at Boardwalk (both in Miami and Fort Lauderdale), it's obvious that the clientele wants me back. No doubt, Boardwalk frowns upon heterosexual females frequenting the bar for misinterpreting the entertainment.

I personally invite Ms. Hambright to any of my weekly performances at one of the four South Florida clubs I work (Keith's, Trixie's, Uncle Charlie's, and Boardwalk). Check out my website for details (www.auntiemame.biz).

The gay community often compares me to Mother Cabrini for my constant work at benefits for charitable organizations. I have been honored with many plaques and awards for this work. Additionally, I bring laughter to hundreds of people weekly when I perform.

I spend a great deal of time researching material as well as shopping for unique gowns and wigs in my efforts to amuse my audience. I would suggest that Ms. Hambright also research her subject matter before inappropriately stabbing someone in the back.

Auntie Mame

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Join the 800 Club: Thanks for Bob Norman's December 25 column, "A Christmas Confession." I wasn't sure what to do with my "God Hates Fags" poster or my stock in the Charles Taylor/Pat Robertson gold mines, but you have made me focus on our secular demons.

Seriously, I was watching The 700 Club. ( I sometimes want to see what is happening on the mainstream media.) Pat Robertson came on and showed a video. Opening scene: an empty warehouse-type district. Several black vans appear, and the back doors open. Out pour black-uniformed and black-helmeted men (looking like a Nazi swat team) with automatic weapons. Cut to interior... Several young, blond, dressed-in-white white kids are praying in a circle. Sudden noise... the door bursts open, and the black-clad men start firing. The white-dressed innocents start scattering, but too late. They are mowed down mercilessly. The video ended, and Robertson said to his TV audience, "That is what liberals want to do to Christians in America." This is a true story. The names have been retained to accuse the guilty.

I fear for our country. There is nothing scarier than having a self-absorbed Christian on your case. Thanks for your column.

Mark Thompson

Via the Internet

Who's gonna believe a club owner? Regarding Jeff Stratton's December 18 Bandwidth, I have been associated with the blues industry in several ways since 1990. I attended the Sound Advice Blues Festival a couple of months ago and observed a blues society at its best and a leader at his best. I know the time, energy, and money it takes to run a successful organization, and I too would feel slighted if our local music writer failed to mention my organization. Bob Weinberg is an excellent writer, but this was an obvious oversight. I don't think the failure of the fest was due to the society or the caliber of talent.

The Fort Lauderdale area is a hotbed for the blues. Only Chicago can boast more bands and venues. I attribute this to "Bluesbobby" and his board of directors and active members of the South Florida Blues Society. I also understand that a club owner was the source of information. Most people know these characters have a most skewed outlook on any subject, so why take them seriously? It all sounds like sour grapes to me.

Dennis Brooks

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