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Letters for January 17-23, 2008

Tow Me Not

Who ya callin' predatory? Little or no thought went into this report ("Tow Job," Ashley Harrell and John Linn, January 3). I was never told prior to my brief interview that the "real" subject was complaints filed against tow companies. Had I known that, I probably would have declined comment. Harrell didn't contact property managers from any of the developments we tow from to verify if we (Kings Wrecker) were indeed "predatory towing." Had Harrell done this, she would have included such information so as not to slander our company name and reputation. True enough, I may only be a grunt here and have no authority or rank. However, I am very displeased at the summary of her investigation. Also, my employer was displeased at the way this news article turned out, getting me in what you could call "trouble." I have a family whose income I try to supplement, and any job security I can manage to get cannot be jeopardized by some blond at my window, asking 21 questions with no thought of the repercussions of not disclosing what the subject of the article would be.

Name withheld by request

West Palm Beach

Editor's note: The letter writer is Jason, weekend clerk for Kings Wrecker Service, who declined to give his last name. New Times writers Ashley Harrell and John Linn spoke to those who had been towed by Kings and studied dozens of complaints about them made to the Consumer Affairs Bureau. More complaints were filed against Kings than any other towing company in Broward or Palm Beach counties.

Cop on the Cheap

Give Lindsay a decent salary: Having just hit that age when Medicare becomes my primary medical insurance provider, I certainly appreciate young, cute, petite, badasses of the feminine gender coming, complete with sidearms, such as Lindsay Bruening ("Duck, Duck, Shoot," Deirdra Funcheon, December 27). Her starting salary of $32,000 per year for a law enforcement officer with Florida Fish and Wildlife bothers me, but not as much as the fact that an officer, after 18 years, is barely making $40,000. FWC is bleeding officers. They sign on, go through the training with the best of intentions. After several years, they find they cannot pay their bills. Too many leave for other police agencies.

Officers like Bruening should be able to find a pay scale with steps to bring them up to parity with other police agencies. During hunting season, everyone FWC officers regulate is armed. There are always poachers late at night. There are tragedies, such as the death of young officer Michele Lawless on a levee, alone at night while doing her job. During any state emergency, they are there for all of us, everywhere throughout the state. To enable Bruening and all her colleagues to stay on, Gov. Charlie Crist must ensure they earn a living wage.

Alan W. Rigerman


Amazing Teacher, Reckless Lover

The girls lined up: I am a former student of Andrew Foster's, and I was in Seussical the Musical. ("High School Sexical," Deirdra Funcheon, December 6). None of these girls is brainwashed. I know that for a fact. So many girls in the Acting Chiefs pined for Foster with thoughts of his praise. He was a very critical director, always wanting more from his students. That is what brought us to the top. I do not think he is a sick man at all, just stupid . People make mistakes; sometimes they are extreme mistakes.

Andrew Foster was an amazing teacher and director. As for the choices made by both Foster and others, I get chills every time the thought crosses my mind.

Name withheld by request

Via the internet

Weepin' Libs

Let the killers rot in jail: This article is typical of hyperliberality gone mad ("Kick Stop," Amy Guthrie, December 13). Feeling sorry for one of the many criminals makes me scream. I worked out with and knew Luyen [Nguyen] from the gym on Wiles Road. He was a very small guy, like five-foot-four. He told me he didn't like being so small, but he did not have a Napoleon complex or any kind of attitude. He was a kind and beautiful human being. At the funeral, I was the only non-Asian there (for the 20 minutes that I could endure the death of my friend). His face was beaten so severely that it was nearly twice its normal size. As far as I am concerned, everyone there was guilty of being complicit in a felony beating (the same crime as in the film Accused starring Jodi Foster). No one tried to stop the beating. Although I was not there, I doubt that Luyen (a premed student) picked a fight with 20 or 30 people. Coral Springs is totally out of control with ubiquitous wannabe tough guys like Brad Mills. They are pathetic little losers who wanted to show how bad they were by beating up a five-foot-four premed student. I have no sympathy for anyone involved in that beating.

Paul Fields

Los Angeles

Help Wanted

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