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Letters for January 22, 2004

Columnist: guilty. Free weekly: innocent: Although we live in the Midwest, we do get to Fort Lauderdale occasionally. We recently read Courtney Hambright's column, Night Court (January 8), about her experience at the Boardwalk bar. In the first place, why on earth would she go to a gay strip bar? Is she so hard up that she has to go to a strip bar every night of the week?

And her describing Auntie Mame was really in bad taste. We have known Auntie Mame for several years. She is one of the hardest-working entertainers in Florida. She has volunteered her time and talents to numerous charity events and is a very giving person. She certainly is not a "large, worn-out drag queen" but a very vibrant and eclectic entertainer who is appreciated in the gay community. In all of our travels throughout the United States, we have never found an entertainer who was more sincere and giving than Auntie Mame. In the future, we suggest that Ms. Hambright stick with straight bars to comment on. Let us gay travel writers let others know about the gay entertainers. Other than that, we always enjoy reading New Times, and keep up the good writing.

Donald Pile

Ray Williams

Via the Internet

She's no dimwit, hot dog head! Your paper's cool, but Night Court was all off on Auntie Mame -- he's a cool dude and a terrific entertainer. Maybe Ms. Hambright should take the members of her penis-hunting posse to a sex shop like Catalog X and get some toys to satisfy their lust. Or maybe they should hire a hooker. These would-be fag hags need to get a life and not try to destroy an entertainer of Auntie Mame's caliber who has donated thousands of hours free to community benefits.

This dimwit writer gives a bad name to your paper. She needs to retract her vile comments and get a life when she figures out who she is and what she's after. Any gal in early 20s must have a dull life to hang in so many gay strip bars when she claims to be straight... or does she?

Mrs. Beasley

Fort Lauderdale

Hmm, what does a drag queen trophy look like? Auntie Mame is a class act and a pro -- Courtney Hambright brings journalism to an all-time low by castigating him. She should be so lucky as to see his entire show at one of his numerous weekly gigs, which have been advertised in your rag. She obviously went to see cock, not talent, and her opinion sucks, to say the least.

She couldn't polish Auntie Mame's huge trophy collection. Jeers to her!

James A. Lynch

Fort Lauderdale

And Grandma's got her back: I'm a 73-year-old grandmother, and I have enjoyed the talents of Auntie Mame for 15 years. He is one of the wittiest female impersonators of our time.

Courtney Hambright's item on him in the January 8 Night Court was disgraceful. Since when is she a qualified critic of illusion?

Miss Kay

Lauderdale Lakes

Give the bar's name and we can likely oblige: The $6,000 worth of free publicity Night Court gave the Boardwalk was great. How can we get Miss Hambright to visit our bar and dislike one of our entertainers?

Bar Owner

Fort Lauderdale

Maybe we put Norman at catcher: I respect Bob Norman; his articles on the water nightmare in Pompano Beach were great journalism. However, the article about Pudge Rodriguez was disappointing ("You Move, You Lose," January 1). Pudge had a great series against the Cubs, but the idea that they would not have made the World Series without him is a joke. If Josh Beckett hadn't pitched a two-hit shutout in game five of the NLCS, they would have been toast.

Beckett pitching a complete game shutout in Game 6 of the World Series on the road in New York doesn't seem to have the same value to Norman. As far as the warped logic that Pudge deserved $40 million for four years, notice that teams with a lot more money to spend than Marlins owner Jeff Loria has aren't talking to him. The article says the Marlins failed to sign Pudge, but who really failed here? They would have had to let Luis Castillo and Mike Lowell leave to sign him.

Season ticket brochures were mailed without Rodriguez's name. Fans are going to pay for the product on the field for 2004, not last year. As for a "cold October," who is going to beat out the Marlins for NL East? Not the horrid Mets or Expos. The Braves have finally hit the wall. The only challenge is from the Phillies, who have a manager who is hated by his players. Pudge had a great season, but the Marlins made the right move by rejecting an outrageous demand by a player who should have known better.

Michael Affronte


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