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Letters for January 3-9, 2007

Don't Yoko Me, Bro

C'mon, it was Justin and the pop rappers: Fergie didn't "ruin" the Black Eyed Peas ("The Ten Most Hated Figures in Hip-hop," Jonathan Cunningham, December 20). That's a historical revision. BEP ruined BEP. They had a really good debut, but they wanted to be rich and famous (like most people in rap, even Saigon). Their follow-up was garbage. Fergie (and Ron Fair and Justin Timberlake) gave BEP what they really wanted all along when Elephunk came out. So then you have your pop-rappin' BEP rather than your socially conscious, sometimes-alt-rappin' BEP.

Mark Mays

Nashville, Tennessee

And let's not leave out Soulja Boy: This is a great, current list of folks that hip-hop and pop fans hate. And in fact, Fergie did ruin the Peas. Nelly still sucks. 50 blows. Superhead does both. This is a pretty accurate list to me. Right on, JC!

Name withheld by request

Via the Internet

Young white guys are all wack: Dude, first of all, hip-hop has brought white and black people together like nothing else. However, some white people have not caught on to certain things. I am saying this because I can tell [from] how you wrote this that you are a late-bloomer white dude. Not a problem; just learn more before you comment. Some [of the examples] I can feel, but some I am reading like, huh? I don't like Nelly, but "drop down and get your eagle on" is not his most popular song. Fergie is probably the least-thought-of in hip-hop. You never mentioned Vanilla Ice, because you don't remember 3rd Bass. All I am saying is, study before you type, 'cause you sound like some of these teenagers who won't learn hip-hop history, which is why they are wack and think we adults don't accept them. You'll never know where you're going if you don't know where you came from.

Cory Evans

Charlotte, North Carolina

Editor's note: Jonathan Cunningham is neither a late bloomer nor white.

There's a Place for Us

Don't let the door hit you in the wallet: Sensationalist article replete with inaccuracies ("Witch Hunt at New Mount Olive," Thomas Francis, December 20). Dr. Carter did not deliver the sermon as erroneously cited, nor did he attempt to wrest control of the church. The bylaws had been rewritten several years before any of this took place, allowing for greater involvement by the congregation as a whole. This is nothing more than a red herring to exploit the economic challenges facing many religious institutions and a brazen effort by five or six church members seeking to settle a score or to garner their "15 minutes of fame." Why would not that minority either start a church or attend one where they are in greater agreement with the leadership? Essentially, "We love you, but worship somewhere else!"

Frederick Black

Pompano Beach

I Remember Lou

Gimme no fond nostalgia for Brad: I grew up in Coral Springs and knew Lou [Luyen Nguyen] as well as the bullies who beat him to death ("Kick Stop," Amy Guthrie, December 13). Your article seemed very sympathetic to Brad Mills and his family. Brad was a mean kid. I remember being at parties and being scared when those guys showed up with baseball bats, looking for trouble. Those parents raised a mean and angry kid, and I don't feel bad for them for a second.

Name withheld by request

Atlanta, Georgia

Two to Tango

Keep your eyes wide open all the time: The situation between a student and a teacher is wrong, but it takes two to make things happen ("High School Sexical," Deirdra Funcheon, December 6). I personally knew the student involved and would have never expected something like that out of her, but for a teacher to take control over a student is wrong. I think he should spend many years in jail for what he has done. Yes, he was a great attribute for the school as a drama teacher. All of the plays were spectacular. But lines between students and teachers should not be crossed.

As for the comments about the school looking like a jail and deans riding around in golf carts with walkie-talkies like weapons, it's sooooo not true. I was there all four years of high school, and it was the best experience. I loved all of the teachers, and a lot were there for me all the time. Santaluces may be an old school, but it is definitely nothing like a jail. Deans are always helping other students, and a lot of teachers are nothing but supporters and, yes, heroes!

Name withheld by request

Lake Worth

Excuuuuse Us!

He had nada to do with it: My departure from Gulfstream Park was due to family matters and had nothing to do with the investigation of alleged malfeasance at the park, as insinuated in Bob Norman's November 15 story "Free Gambling." I have not been implicated in any of this, but there is indeed an investigation happening, which I have fully supported.

Eric M. Lemerand

Via the Internet

Help Wanted

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