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Letters for January 31-February 6, 2008

They Love Him

Truth be told, he's light in the nuance department: Excellent review of Suite Surrender ("Surrender, But Save Your Cash," Brandon K. Thorp, January 24). You really nailed the show. You were perhaps a little more forgiving than I was, as I've never liked anything I've seen from Michael McKeever. His humor is so free of nuance that he's more suited to writing sitcoms. Thorp's piece on The 4th Wall was very good too, though I loved that show pretty much unconditionally. Anyway, keep up the great theater reviews.

John Thomason


Hospital High Jinks

If there's good news, let's have a little fanfare: If the North Broward Hospital District deal to switch providers to Med­Assets was so darned good, why was it done in the dark ("Are We Really in Good Hands?," Bob Norman, January 17)? Heck, saving (supposedly) $6 million should have been something that was shouted from the rooftops. With a deal this good, why were various departments not included in the decision until after the deal was made?

And if the $6 million in promised savings was made without the benefit of a competitive bid process, how much more could have come the district's way by opening it up to all comers? Bob Norman, I hope you get the commissioners' take on this.

Name withheld by request

Via the internet

Good guy or bad guy, the result's the same: What happened to Bob Norman? There's this kind of story, and all we get is a fluff piece on Alan Levine? I believe Levine was probably the best thing to happen to the North Broward Hospital District. He was a nice guy, smart, politically savvy, and charismatic — hey, he charmed you. He was, however, not in the office much. There have been shady deals going on there for years, and they did not cease under his reign. It will only get worse with the new leaders at the helm. I think Levine thought it would be nice to give an old friend a job and failed to really see things for what they were. Now that he is gone, I'd poke around at the contract switch a bit more. You may be surprised at the real reason for the switch.

Name withheld by request

Via the internet

Now push that down button: The old Bob Norman — I would have to believe he's itching to go. Not only would I be asking around the sixth floor at the North Broward Hospital District Building; I would take a trip down to the second floor in purchasing to see the real chaos this decision has caused.

Name withheld by request

Via the internet

Clearing the Air

Jammer Man's progeny are multiplying: I just wanted to say thank you for bringing up the issue of cell-phone motor mouths in your recent article ("Jammer Man to the Rescue," Michael J. Mooney, January 17). I am also a proud user of the cell-phone jammer, having purchased mine during a recent vacation to England, where, believe it or not, it is not illegal to use. Long before this, I had been having a severe problem with people on cell phones that hit its peak when a driver on her damned cell nearly caused me to crash into a concrete partition on the Florida Turnpike. But since using the jammer, times have never been better. My boss has been kissing the ground I walk on because cell usage has hit an all-time low since I took it to work. I have waiters at restaurants paying me for putting limits on blabbermouths in their businesses. And, on top of that, I am getting thank yous from complete strangers — all for a wonderful little device the size of a TV remote.

Name held by request

Fort Lauderdale

They Love Him Not

Given the paper he works for, he must be a lowlife: I wanted to say that I read your review of The 11 O'Clock Number, and wow, must I say what a vicious article ("Ethel Merman Is Dead," Brandon K. Thorp, January 10)! To fill you on a few things, the guy at the door whom you had a problem with over giving your last name — if you couldn't tell by the big earpiece sticking in his ear — was deaf! A lot of the shit that you said — and, yes, it was shit — was really out of line and unprofessional, I thought. What are your credentials? You work for New Times, so it can't be that much. We are talking about community theater; sounds like you came in with a negative attitude and brought everyone else down in the house. I heard you were unprofessional, and the article you wrote proves it to be. Think about it: If you really knew what you were talking about, you wouldn't be working for New Times... I just had to comment on this 'cause it was all very out-of-line and very catty like a bitter old woman.

Name withheld by request

Via the internet

The Jesus Joint

Time for the big brooms: If there is mismanagement, then let it be told and rooted out ("Witch Hunt at New Mount Olive," Thomas Francis, December 20). If it is true, these are disgraceful actions on the part of the church's leadership. Sean Davis and Eugene Pettis know how to find out if this is true. If they choose to sweep it under the rug, then you know it is damage control. The truth must be known; the speculation cannot be tolerated. God is not a fraudulent money-laundering corporation. He is a being and a place for all to help all in need, not all in greed.

Name withheld by request

Boynton Beach

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