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Letters for July 10, 2003

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John Corigliano is writing symphonies now that are instant classics. And guess what? He's hip! In other cities, young people with open minds are attending symphony orchestra concerts and not because they think they are supposed to like it. They do so because they see it as an alternative to 4/4 time, to three-note melodies, to two-chord harmonies, and to incessant, thrumming, bass-driven backbeats. It doesn't happen much in this city -- who knows why? Your attitude certainly doesn't help. I suppose it just isn't hip enough.

Andy-Bob Nolen

Classically trained cellist and punk rock veteran

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Not anti-Semitic: In the first paragraph of Susan Eastman's story about condos ("Where the Condos Are," May 8), she mentions Brooklyn hood Chris Paciello -- and in the next sentence, she mentions Jewish mobster Meyer Lansky. Why didn't she mention what religion Paciello is? Is a person's religion mentioned only if he or she is a Jew? You didn't mention any of the other people's religion, just their names; why mention the person was a Jew if that has nothing to do with his being a mobster? I would like to know. Do you want to show Jews in a bad light?

J. Ferris

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New Times talks turkey: Thank you! Thank you so much for Wyatt Olson's April 24 article "Out of Touch." I have been trying to make people aware of these same issues since these machines were voted into service. I asked the Palm Beach county commissioners not to approve of anything without paper receipts. My complain fell on deaf ears.

How can we get Olson's article published in the mainstream media? Everyone must be made aware of the problems with these touch-screen machines.

Susan B. Chamish

Lake Worth

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