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Letters for July 18, 2002

Think his teacher noticed? In reference to Bob Norman's July 11 column, "First Pledge": Bravo! Amen! Congratulations on a gutsy, well-written piece. Finally, someone recognizes the rabid knee-jerking this country has been going through for what it is! Am I the only one who left out the "under God" part of the Pledge from age eight on? Given the responses Norman and Michael Newdow have been getting, perhaps I'll keep my atheist leanings under my hat until we're a little more enlightened.

Fundamentalism is an ugly thing, whatever religion it stems from. Thanks for making my day!

Charles Danforth
via the Internet

You'd like Hannibal Lecter too... or The Jeffrey Dahmer Story: I found Susan Eastman's article "Profile of a Predator"(July 4) to be fascinating. I really want to know what happens to all involved.

Vince Reilly

Or maybe, dude, we just have a sensitive side: What is the goal of Jeff Stratton's article "Block Party" in the July 4 issue? Am I supposed to weep, cry out for justice, or just feel guilty all day? What am I to do? The truth: Some old fogey is remembering the good old days (which really weren't so hot). Tell me! Is this article really needed?

Oh no! I hope this was not another diatribe on how these dastardly developers are actually planning to construct the housing people want, as opposed to the housing New Times (that omniscient oracle of the left) thinks they should. The builder wants to construct some 50 townhouses. Townhouses! Imagine that! Perhaps it would be better if he built those good, old-fashioned, tried-but-true, New York City-style tenements! Or maybe a clean, reasonably priced bordello? No, we could sure use more retirement condos down here; you can never have too many retirees driving up and down the streets of town at 15 miles per hour. Townhouses? The element that they will bring into Victoria Park -- middle-class professionals! There goes the whole tree-shaded 'hood!

Jeff: You are a good writer -- GET A GOOD STORY!

Fred Bluestone
Pembroke Pines

Go McStratton, Go: Jeff Stratton's writing about McMansions ("There Goes the Neighborhood," June 13) pleased us very much. So did his July 4 follow-up, "Block Party." Obviously, Stratton is a researcher and a great writer on matters that involve not only music. His words flow beautifully. Writing is a very slow process for me. Therefore, maybe I can really appreciate talent in Stratton's field. In two words: Muchas gracias.

George Hunker
via the Internet

New Times lo-o-oves your sound, baby, just loves it: Just read Jeff Stratton's June 27 Bandwidth column on Billabong/Poptopia and was wondering what the deal was. The Humbert show (which Stratton mentioned by way of stating that Miami acts are starting to play the Poptopia series) was also played by my band, Maypop, which is (apparently unfortunately) from Palm Beach County. It seems like you were making a distinct plug for the coolness of Miami bands but that Palm Beach acts are musical landfill. (My friend Steve Copeletti, Poptopia organizer, is a member of two such groups, by the way.)

Also, we played in the May Poptopia show with Humbert, where you stated a slew of bands had performed. It's hard enough getting mention in local magazines like New Times, let alone getting left out of a show that was packed with Maypop fans....

No hard feelings. I just work hard to play these shows, and getting left out of the mix because we're from 30 minutes north of the cool crowd kinda sucks.

Keith Michaud (from Maypop)
via the Internet

What do you really think about the subtropics? I read Ashley Fantz's article today on the atmosphere of the art world in Broward County ("Gallery? No," June 20). I am a seasoned artist and live in Fort Lauderdale. I was the official artist for the 2002 Grammy Awards (among other professional achievements). I agree totally with the idea that there is too little cultural appreciation in Broward County or, for that matter, in Florida in general. Most of my work goes to New York, Las Vegas, or California. As for Las Olas, if I want a reproduction, that's where I would go. As for true art, we are unfortunately void of the avant-garde. I would not even think of displaying originals here. There just are not enough sophisticated buyers or an art gallery that takes on true talented artists; they are so very commercial. Unfortunately, I do not see a change in sight. And until there is one, I will continue to use FedEx and ship out everything I create.

Lauri Blank
via the Internet

Two pachyderms meet in the forest, see... and one moves to Pompano: Thank you very much for the 2002 "Best White Elephant" award ("Best of Broward-Palm Beach," May 16). The International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) recently received a certificate from New Times via the mail. I realize you probably meant Webster's definition (1: Requiring much expense and yielding little profit; or 2: An object no longer of value to its owner but of value to others) to define white elephant when you so eloquently presented this award.

For the purpose of promoting the ideals prescribed by the canons of journalism, which I'm sure New Times strives to do, I'd like you to know there are dozens of programs and services at the International Swimming Hall of Fame, which to date, have not been uncovered by any reporter. We at ISHOF would like to reciprocate New Times' kindness by giving you the "scoop."

The 36-year partnership between the great city of Fort Lauderdale and ISHOF has served both parties well. It will certainly be interesting to see how events unfold in the future.

By the way, may I suggest packing your awards a little more carefully; when we received ours, it was in several pieces. Thank you for this coveted award.

From one white elephant to another,
Samuel James Freas, President-CEO
International Swimming Hall of Fame
Fort Lauderdale

Errata: Last week's feature story, "Insult to Injury," contained two errors. Former Broward Sheriff's Office Deputy Erin Brown actually has three children; and attorney Michael Srebnick was hired by Brown.

In the same issue, a letter by Eric R. Wagner ("Cop Alert") mischaracterized an incident involving the writer's fiancée and a state employee. The employee allegedly pushed, then punched her.

New Times regrets the errors.

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