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Letters for July 27, 2003

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Why would the wealthy want to live here? To listen to Harley-Davidsons roar down Las Olas? To watch people race through red lights as though it's their birth right? To walk by that awful fountain at Andrews and Las Olas with the lights and kitsch music? To wonder if the porn shops have the moxie to create a mall in the likely-to-be-available museum? To have one's ears blown away by the cacophony of competing "music" blared throughout Riverwalk? Or to be amazed always at the infinite number of liquor licenses the city can issue to crappy bars along A1A?

An interesting observation my wife and I have made is the number of new condo units along A1A with absolutely no evidence of life in them. Time and again, we have noticed that there are very few lighted units. Expanding the criteria, we noticed that very few balconies have furniture on them. Then we noticed that they all have the same blinds and no draperies. Being ever so curious, we went down there with binoculars and took a closer look. Nope, no furniture either. Somehow, I don't see people who have sufficient funds to purchase these units being overly energy-conscious or unable to buy porch furniture, unique window treatments, or interior furnishings. It would be interesting to walk through the parking lots under these condos at night -- but I've already reached my conclusion.

I've lived here ten years now and time and time again have seen the first buyer of new homes on the isles take a loss when they sell them. There are fools, but not enough of them to fill the whole place.

Name Withheld by Request

Fort Lauderdale

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