Letters for July 6-12, 2006

Lay Off Hobo's!

Steven LaBiner is a great guy, damn it! I was curious to find out where Gail Shepherd went to culinary school. In fact, I am curious to find out where she went to school for journalism. Does she not have an editor at your paper? She should never be allowed to give restaurant reviews again. The June 29 review of Hobo's Fish Joint and the undeniably talented Chef Steven LaBiner is something a wannabe food critic would write ("All the Bobos Love Hobo's"). Did she want a free meal? Would that have made her write something appropriate? A person like Shepherd needs to stick with what she knows best, and she sounds like a real Red Lobster type. LaBiner is smart enough to know that any publicity is good publicity... not that it matters, because everyone knows that his food is outstanding and that he is a great guy.

Lori Gayne


Trigger-Happy Cop

At least someone is watching: "Deputy Do-Wrong" (Wyatt Olson, June 29) is the kind of journalism you wish you could find in the Sun-Sentinel but can't usually — real human beings caught up in the unfairness of life in South Florida, who could so easily be forgotten but will not be thanks to Olson's reporting.

Sara G. Lapidus

Boca Raton

Chump Change

Get ready for the crash, suckas: Nicely written piece on the condo market and the crisis that is about to hit South Florida ("Chump Tower," Trevor Aaronson, June 22). It's a classic and explains the reason for the imminent financial crisis all these SL500-driving freaks will soon be facing. I look forward to reading your next piece. I appreciate your wit.

Jeff Jones

Fort Lauderdale

Heave Ho, Hizzoner

Toss the bum, already: I live in Deerfield Beach, and I want to thank you for your article "Keys to the City" (Bob Norman, June 1). Your gathering of factual information regarding Mayor Capellini and City Manager Larry Deetjen was done exceptionally well. It is informative and explains why we need a new mayor and city manager. I hope your investigation of the facts will be read by [Florida Attorney General] Charlie Crist or an entity in Florida that can bring charges and give justice to Deerfield Beach.

Marge Hilton

Deerfield Beach

Trans Mission

Raising Nicole won't be a carnival: I feel bad for Nicole as she gets older ("See Dick Be Jane," Julia Reischel, May 18). Children today are very nasty and mean. I hope she stays a girl for the rest of her life and doesn't want to change back as she gets older. I do feel bad for the sister and brothers, It's not going to be easy for them to watch how some people treat their sister and then how they treat the rest of the family. Good luck to that family, for it's going to be a long roller-coaster ride for them.

D. Smith

Boca Raton

Let him wear a dress already: I have a child who, at the age of almost 3, told me, "Mummy, I am a girl; can I wear a dress?" I replied "Yes, darling, of course," as one does and continued with what I was doing, thinking he was was playing a fantasy game. He went upstairs and returned wearing one of his sister's dresses — she is just over a year older than he is. This cross-dressing behavior continued; we consulted the doctor; he said it was "just a phase — he'll grow out of it."

Only he didn't. That was more than seven years ago and my child has been diagnosed as suffering from gender dysphoria. Come the fall, she will go back to school as a girl. In the meantime, I have lost my husband in a light-aircraft accident, and I have four children. My transgendered child is a delight, and anyone meeting her has no doubt she is a girl. I would rather my child grow up to be a happy and contented woman than a male who for the rest of his life would resent the fact that nobody would listen for the cry of help uttered in early childhood. We owe it to our kids that they should grow up to have a happy and fulfilled life.

Name withheld by request


We're cooler than Seattle: I hope you are getting enough positive feedback to balance out the hateful screeds you must be receiving over "See Dick Be Jane." I just wanted to be one more voice saying thanks and good job for writing such an informative and even-handed article. Not even my local (celebrated) alt weekly, The Stranger, can get it together to publish open-minded articles about trans people, so your (and your editor's) decision to do so is admirable.

Daniel Reed Forrester


Endless Summers

Marya attracts a shadow: After reading your publication for so many months now, I have to say the only reason I do is to read Night Rider's escapades. She is fantastic! I've even made it a point to check out all the places she does.

Janet Hernandez

West Palm Beach

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