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Letters for March 18, 2004

Wait for a doc? Never! I read Bob Norman's March 11 story, "A Screw Loose," on Dr. Sein Lwin. Hmmm. I wonder. Here's my story:

On Christmas Eve day at 11 a.m., my 16-year-old son got hurt in an accident and broke his wrist. My daughter took him to the nearest hospital, North Broward Medical Center in Pompano Beach, where he stayed for hours. The reason -- we were told -- was that there was no one who could take care of him but Dr. Lwin, who was at a different hospital.

My son was screaming in pain. They gave him some pain medication to help him sleep. Finally, at 5:30 p.m., an ambulance was sent to NBMC to transport him to Broward General. We finally get to Broward General, and guess what? Dr. Lwin was not there. So my son sat in their pediatric E.R. facility for another couple of hours -- all the while making my life miserable because he was in pain! They did not even transport him to his room, because they kept saying they needed to prepare it. What a crock! About 9 or 9:30 p.m., we went to the room. Dr. Lwin didn't show until about 12:30 a.m. (Merry Christmas). Well, I just wanted my son to feel better. Dr. Lwin said he couldn't have surgery until the next morning -- so my son screamed all night!

Finally, the surgery was done. We went home to heal. My son had a pin in his wrist that stayed there for seven to eight weeks. We planned another surgery for the removal of the pin. It took Dr. Lwin almost another two weeks to schedule the surgery! Unbelievable! We went to surgery, and afterward he told us to come back for more x-rays and a new wrapping in three days. Well, guess what? I called before I went, and he wasn't there. The end of this story is that my son removed all the wrapping himself and we never went back to Dr. Lwin.

Linda Acevedo

Via the Internet

Hey, ladies, read the law books: I am all the way in support of Ruth Puzo and River Roberts (Letters, March 11). I used to hang out harmlessly in a bar close to my home that just happened to be mainly lesbian. But gradually, many man-haters started complaining that they didn't like seeing a man in there, and I was forced out. I called the Broward Human Rights Department, but as I had no witnesses ("The women there all hated you and will only lie in court," I was rightly told), I could not sue. This kind of rubbish happens too often in entertainment and food places in Broward. Forget being unethical, it is illegal, violating the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Legally speaking, there is no such thing as an Irish pub, a gay bar, a Cuban hangout, or whatever. There are only establishments required to serve all customers .

Hey, Ruth and River, sue the scumbags! Take 'em to court, drag their ugly behinds through the gutter of media exposure, and make an example.

Vivek Golikeri

Dania Beach

Ah, c'mon, you say that to all the beer fests: Competition was heated as the weeks, then days diminished. Who would prevail as the reigning beer-fest champ? City Link vs. New Times, in an all-out, no-holds-barred media rumble.

City Link's beer bonanza held at the Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek (February 20) raged from 8 to 11 p.m. Someone really should have explained a few things to that guy taking everyone's picture. For 20 greenbacks, patrons were treated to a smorgasbord of samples from local and national purveyors of fine brews and fare. The event was held in a large, air-conditioned tent attached to the casino. The lighting was reminiscent of drinking in a 7-Eleven. An outdoor smoking area was provided for those who enjoy a butt with their brew after gorging themselves on several samples of the fine cuisine or whose retinas simply could take no more. Party 93.1 (WPYM-FM) supplied the (bit-tongue) music.

Hollywood has become quite progressive while maintaining its ghetto-fabulous charm. New Times' Beer Fest at Young Circle (February 27) was permeated with gluttonies of brew and other sources of debauchery. For the same monetary damage, patrons were treated to an extra hour of many of the same vendors with the addition of porn, Zeta, and live music. Drinking in a park under the stars rocks! Hands-down the winner. With at least double the attendance, ten times the atmosphere, and most of all live music... New Times is the champ! You were fully credited with one magnificent hangover.

Patsy Crime


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