Letters for March 22-28, 2007

The Fine Print And then you have to read the footnotes...: You are wrong about Barack Obama saying he was born during the march at Selma ("Shades of Truth," Bob Norman, March 15). Before he actually mentions the word born, Obama says "Birmingham and Selma" together twice, then says movement...
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The Fine Print

And then you have to read the footnotes...: You are wrong about Barack Obama saying he was born during the march at Selma ("Shades of Truth," Bob Norman, March 15). Before he actually mentions the word born, Obama says "Birmingham and Selma" together twice, then says movement before the word born is mentioned. I would suggest listening to the speech again. He also stated that, because of the actions of African-Americans fighting for their rights, it encouraged/influenced Obama's grandfather to send his son to the United States for a better life and education. While in the United States, Obama's father met Obama's mother, and Barack was born. Now, if Obama's grandfather didn't want his son to go to the U.S. and/or the Kennedys didn't create the airlift program (which was an effect of the movement in Selma/Birmingham), Obama's father would never have met Obama's mother.

Name withheld by request

Via the Internet

L-Dub Confidential

Summers knows the loco scene: Marya, thank you for such a fun article ("Loco Motion," Marya Summers, March 15). You have "got it" when it comes to our little town. I just wanted to thank you for including us in your evening with your friends, as well as for your writings.

Chrissy Benoit

Lake Worth

Tanker Fumes

Who knew kayaking could go to your head? Have you read the reader comments to that article ("Ten Seconds to Eternity," Tailpipe, March 8)? Does it bother you at all that the article is completely inaccurate and damaging people? Do you stand behind the article and want to represent that type of journalism? I sincerely hope you're not sitting in your office smiling about all the attention this article is receiving, regardless of the lack of truthful reporting and consequence to others.

Freedom of the press is something I support very much, but not at the expense of the truth; not when the worst (and only) mistake made was not wearing a life vest.

I am sure there are actual newsworthy articles that New Times could be publishing, or is there nothing more interesting in the world today than a kayaker falling out of his kayak at the wrong time and place? I love kayaking, but frankly, I'd rather read an article about how reporters are twisting facts and embellishing to the point of lying just to get an article printed.

Kai Story

Via the Internet

Editor's note: See Tailpipe for a response.

Inconvenient truth shadows the squawk master: A few things stand out here. One is that most of these comments are being used as some sort of damage control by one person. Another is the fact that Kai, while a great guy and paddler, has effectively co-opted the meetup [] idea and site to run his own personal guide and rental business. As such, he is accountable to certain standards, which he obviously failed to meet (at least on that outing). Another thing to consider is that the capsize/rescue victim did not use good judgment for himself or his group. Furthermore, to call him "very experienced" would be a stretch. It is admirable that he's out there being active, but his physical condition and skill level are not up to par.

The biggest question of all is, why in the world would Kai take a group of inexperienced kayakers (renters) out into a busy commercial waterway? Incidents like this point out the need for proper training and use of good judgment. Hopefully, the exposure from this article will improve safety awareness for all mariners.

Name withheld by request

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300 Laughs

Spartan heroes, Persian blood, lotsa laffs: When I first saw the trailer for 300 back in November, I thought, "I have to see this." My friend Simone and I were amazed at what we saw. We had to go to the premiere of the movie ("Man-on-Man Action," Nathan Lee, March 8). We're still amazed at what we saw but in a slightly different way.

Although I enjoyed the monochromatic coloring, rampaging battle elephants, and war rhino, the rest was definitely ponderous and plodding. I had to keep reminding Simone not to laugh out loud during the film, because it was disturbing the other viewers. I didn't hate the movie but didn't love it either.

On the other hand, I thoroughly enjoyed your review. Funny, well-written, and it hit the nail on the head. My brother was in hysterics as he read it.

Lisa R. Owens

Pompano Beach

Langerado Love

What's $145 when the beat is right? I don't know exactly what your taste in music is, but some of the hits droppin' on Ethan Schwartz and all the good people who make this festy happen are a little harsh, in my opinion ("Langerado Desperado," Jonathan Cunningham, March 8). I'm nobody, attending his second Langerado. I guess I'm one of those messageboard kids. Oh well. And $145 (which was the price if you waited until after March 1 to buy) is still a deal. Hell, the $160-plus charges people pay the day of the show is a deal, considering the amount of music over the course of three days. Consider spending $60 to $90 to go see Super Nova play at the Hard Rock in Hollywood!! HAHA. Not that I would spend $20 to see 'em. But the point is, the musical-note-to-dollar ratio is outstanding, and kudos to Langerado for putting a fabulous product out there that I will buy time and time again! There was something for just about everyone who attends.

Jeff Williams


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