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Letters for May 19-25, 2005

Bad Best

Nice? You call him nice? Regarding your May 12 Best of Broward-Palm Beach issue: Andy Wagner for Best FM Radio Personality? A very nice guy, and great voice, but... get serious! You might as well have given the award to the guy writing up his liner cards.

Joe Cassara

Operations Manager

WDNA-FM (88.9)

His shoes were made for walkin': Best picnic spot in Broward? You obviously have not been to John U. Lloyd lately. We went there for years, but now it is a major mess. The walking trails you mentioned have been closed for a long time. The jetty is not accessible. They are tearing out the Australian pines. You have to go to Oleta State Park or Hugh Taylor Birch in Fort Lauderdale.

C.W. Shippee

Via the Internet

Yessir, Chief

Oops, make that former chief: I just read Wyatt Olson's May 5 article, "Love & Loathing." I would like to clear up some incorrect statements that were made. I was never fired for having an alleged affair. I was fired for failure to cooperate with an internal affairs investigation. That charge and dismissal were reversed by the next sheriff, and I was awarded damages.

Yes, I resigned from Pahokee because I was a whistle blower, reported a crime, and City Manager Jim Smith refused to inventory the evidence room and the weapons area and secure my office. I have been cleared by all agencies involved of any wrongdoing as chief. Robert Love and I worked together for the community. Thank you for allowing me to clear up some misunderstandings.

Gary Frechette

Via the Internet


Control yourself, Mara: Re: "Hollywood Sludge, Revisited" ( April 28): Excellent article, Bob Norman! Please keep up the good work for us noninfluential Hollywood residents. We are at the mercy of a mayor and commission out of control! There seems no way to change it, but hopefully your articles will help.

John Hayes


Comedic Beat

A laugh per measure: I surely enjoyed some belly laughs at that piece of jest you passed off as an article, "Rocker Mom," (April 28) in Beatcomber, which was poison-penned by your "Columnist Gone Wild," Jonathan Zwickel. Does that rhyme with pickle? He must spend his evenings and weekends with a thesaurus researching colorful cut-down phrases. Can you say "hating life"? The sentences range from flat to scathing!

I'd like to highlight just a few of the most heinous ablutions: He leads off by calling Thursday an "off-night." Isn't Thursday the start of the weekend?

Zwickel proceeds to hurl epithets at the band's audience and Sullivan's customers: "half are not paying attention," "bar-hopping alkies," "grizzled drinkers stirring their sauce." He stabbed the musicians through the heart with "even pays them money"! What a commodian! He names and guts another popular act with "the customers aren't into it." Zwickel still hasn't slaked his thirst for blood, so, like a jilted lover, he slashes at Blem: "The diversity of talent... might end up working against her," "there's no solid theme," and "Whether or not she can maintain the All-original Music Thursdays."

Somehow, Blem, the wonderful mover and shaker, must have rebuffed Zwickel in a big way. This article brings to mind the line "Hell hath no fury like the wrath of a woman scorned." But that's not the case. So the reason behind this deep and carefully planned smear campaign aimed at Blem, Lighthouse Point, Sullivan's, and all musicians must be comedy!

Kentucky Parkis

Via the Internet

Great Geezers!

Good food, bad review: I have just received a copy of Gail Shepherd's March 31 review of Old Florida Seafood House, "Natural Born Geezers." I'm sure it was meant to poke fun at the old geezers, but I beg to differ on a few points:

1) Had you bothered to sample various items on the menu, you would have found them not only absolutely delicious and cooked to a delicate perfection but the portions quite abundant as well.

2) The bread baskets are always freshly piled with a tasty variety of unique breads and muffins with plenty of butter, replenished upon request.

3) Vegetables do not appear to be overcooked but are tender yet crisp and flavorful.

4) The wide variety of specials offered each day gives the consumer a great selection.

5) Last and most important, I don't know who you had the misfortune of meeting, but have you ever thought that your own attitude could have affected that of your server? My sisters, who live up north, have been coming down to Fort Lauderdale for more than ten years and have a tradition of first- and last-night dinners at Old Florida Seafood House.

We have forged friendships with Bob (the owner -- and no, he is not the maitre d'), Donny, Harry, Rosie, John, Elise, and Donna, to name a few. It is a truly family atmosphere.

So, before you put your fork down in a restaurant, I suggest you sample its atmosphere with a little more insight. And to all readers: Go to the restaurant, sit at either the oyster bar or the back bar, and tell the gang that "The Sisters of Spring" sent you, and we will be back next year!

Nancy A. Cherne

West Palm Beach


An item on Bada Bing in May 12's Best of Broward-Palm Beach issue misstated the website, which is mybadabing.com, and incorrectly described drink specials, which are as follows: $15 open bar for most drinks Sunday through Thursday from 8 to 11 p.m. And two-for-one drinks seven days until 8 p.m.

Also, the item on al-Salam restaurant incorrectly described the cuisine. It is Middle Eastern.

Finally, MIA Mondays at Mama Mia in Hollywood have been canceled.

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