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Letters for May 20-26, 2004

Behead the head shop: I am appalled at the stupidity of your company and newspaper. I have read your "Best of Broward-Palm Beach 2004" issue (May 13) and cannot believe what I read. You have picked one of the last head shops in the area (Grateful J's) and degraded its integrity. I can't believe that you would do this in a public newspaper to a friend. You described things that were blatantly illegal and might allow authorities to shut them down. You are so stupid! I hate this magazine and have gone to numerous New Times dispensers and thrown them all out!

J. Goldstein

Via the Internet

Harvey tells truth: I was glad to see Bob Norman expose phony SOB Frank Luntz as an enabler of the Republican Party's lying bullshit served up as "campaign rhetoric," which has been foisted on dull, dense, beer-swilling American sloths ("The GOP's Brain," April 22).

Luntz, according to Norman, preaches that "emotion trumps fact." And unfortunately, he's right -- and that's why Republicans win elections and Al Gore wears earth tones. It's too bad the Democrats still believe they can win by presenting their point of view in a rational manner. The Dems' problem is they give the morons in America, whom I (sadly) believe to be the majority of the voters, too much credit.

Norman hit the essence of how the GOP screws most of the mental dullards in America with its emotional bullcrap when he quoted Luntz the Dunce saying: "A compelling story, even if factually inaccurate, can be more emotionally compelling than a dry recitation of the truth." Facts don't matter -- just an emotional twisting of them wrapped around guns, God, and the American flag. Lee Atwater, the father of negative politics, must be smiling up from his grave in hell after hearing Luntz's words. Ah, another generation of lying GOP scumbags, huh, Mr. Atwater?

Here's a straightforward thought: No Bush (George) or Dick (Cheney) in '04!

Harvey Slavin


From a friendly reader: It was great to see Audra Schroeder's April 8 article mentioning the "Revolution" about to take place near Himmarshee ("Revolution, Himmarshee-Style, Now!"). We are working very hard to make the new club on Third Avenue a real crowd pleaser. I am a member of the Evans Group in Orlando. Our firm is responsible for the interior design and exterior elevation for the new Revolution nightclub. We hope that you and your readership will enjoy the club as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

A.J. Falbo


Makes the Bronx look friendly: Abram Elam's presence is not welcome by all at Kent State ("Fourth and Long," Rebecca Meiser, April 8). People are upset that a convicted felon receives scholarship money while everyone else has to scramble by to get through college on a clean record. The NCAA is under immense pressure to altogether rid college sports of felons, and it will happen -- because these situations are not isolated; they are a trend. Several schools will not even allow felons to play college sports, let alone award them scholarships.

Also, the Starbucks thing you are blowing way out of proportion -- we are not a bunch of hippies who care only about fair trade coffee. We also care about the safety of our women on campus and the integrity of the university. I'm ashamed that I attend and am glad to be graduating soon.

E. Butler

Kent, Ohio

And all that jazz: Yikes! Did that "Get Jazzed" story come straight from the board of tourism or a press kit (Rob Trucks, April 1)? I'm not knocking the history and tradition of the Preservation Hall, but geez!

Jeffrey Holmes

New Orleans

Ain't artificial: Harvey Paulsen proved his ignorance with his recent letter slamming New Times. He obviously knows the ZIP code on Neptune because he is not of this world or century.

Did it ever occur to him that many of us read the paper online, without going to a news box that is empty?! This magazine is one of the few worth reading.

Get a life, buddy, or learn how to read without trying to be an editor (which you are certainly not capable of).

River Roberts

Oakland Park

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