Letters for May 22-28, 2008

Singin' the Greens

"Show Us Some Green" (Deirdra Funcheon, May 15) is an excellent accounting of the Green Party's views and activities. Green Party aspirants would be highly effective if they began to "bore from within" to infiltrate one or both of the two major parties — especially so the Democratic Party, which runs closer to Green Party views.

I do not agree with all Green Party goals, like its futile goal to counter global warming by controlling industrial methods and production. That movement is quickly morphing into a huge financial profit-seeking sales game. But generally, "Green" is the way to go in our badly used, overpopulated environment.

Leo Shatin

Boca Raton

Other Planets Out There

"Mi Casa Is Not Tu Casa" (Deirdra Funcheon, May 8) was fair to both sides of the issue. Jupiter isn't the only place in the solar system this practice occurs. On a daily basis, dozens of illegals gather at the entrance of the south parking lot of the Home Depot at 441 and Pembroke Road. During the course of the morning, in small groups, they are taken away by pickup trucks for day-labor jobs. No one even thinks to question it.

Demsy Monticello


Calm Down, Greenhorn

Some comments have been posted asserting that the [American Airlines] captain was wrong — even reckless — to continue the flight ("Ride 'Em, Cowboy," Tailpipe, May 8). The plane is fully instrumented. If there is a safety problem with the plane, it will show up on the instruments in one way or another. For example, if the loss of the panel had resulted in significantly increased wind resistance, that would have shown up in the fuel consumption checks pilots make regularly during cruise.

Access panels are frequently opened and reclosed. Sometimes due to wear of the fasteners and sometimes due to failure of the person closing it to do the job right, panels come off a plane. I can't recall a single instance in which that caused the plane to crash. That history, in my view, proves the captain made the right decision. Plus, the crew consulted maintenance and engineering experts before making the decision.

Anyone who is insecure about flying can easily see this as threatening. But anyone who knows how flying works will see what the crew did as correct.

Tom Bunn

Easton, Connecticut


Your review "Your Schwartz Is Bigger" is brilliant, and thank you for bringing to my attention anticitempt (Brandon K. Thorp, April 17). I think the word needs work, but the concept is dazzling. It's right up there with schadenfreude.

I was a dance/theater critic in New York for many years (Jersey Journal, Channel 13, Variety) and experienced the feeling many times, sometimes nightly for weeks. But I never, ever thought of a possible word for the feeling. A friend and I — Don McDonagh, New York Times — invented the word choreochronicle, a list of dances by a choreographer (like a filmmaker's "filmography"). Certainly not important, but we both used it a number of times in the hopes that it would get into a dictionary, giving us real immortality. But no luck.

Great review, by the way. Keep up the good work. It's nice to read someone besides Dan Savage.

Patrick O'Conner

Pompano Beach

Give 'Em Hell

There are many, including myself, who do not believe in capital punishment; but the rape of a child is as severe as murder to many of us (Thomas Francis, "Lambs to Slaughter," April 17). What is wrong with reopening Alcatraz so that these most brutal criminals are removed from society and placed somewhere so that these crimes can never be repeated?

Jeff Haller



In the "Best of 2008" issue (May 15), Henry Amador was incorrectly listed as a stylist at the Elite Group. He is, in fact, a former creative director of the establishment who has since formed his own salon, the Henry Amador Salon, in connection with which he won New Times' Make Me Over contest.

And in a review of Cut 432 (Gail Shepherd, Dish, May 15), the restaurant address should have been noted as 432 E. Atlantic Ave., not Atlantic Blvd.

New Times regrets the errors.


New Times Music Editor Jonathan Cunningham's story on legendary hip-hopper Grandmaster Dee ("Freaks Come Out at Night," May 17, 2007) has been selected as an entry in the Da Capo Press' book Best Music Writing 2008.

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