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Letters for May 26-June 2, 2005

Free Weekly Sarcastic?

Cop Unhappy.

But read the files, baby. It's good stuff: I read the May 19 Tailpipe as well as Wyatt Olson's May 5 story "Love & Loathing." and I felt the story was flawed and that Tailpipe was sarcastic, to say the least.

I was hired by the Pahokee Police Department in December 2002 and made numerous narcotics, weapons, sexual battery home invasion arrests for which I received numerous commendations, as well as Officer of the Month awards, which led to my being named Officer of the Year for 2003.

In late 2003, my life was threatened due to the numerous narcotics arrests I had made. After an investigation, then Chief Rafael Duran stated to the press that he had thwarted an attack on me -- which was planned for an alley adjacent to Rardin Avenue, the main drug avenue in the city of Pahokee. This investigative folder is now missing.

In November 2003, while on patrol by that alley, I apprehended a subject with two pounds of marijuana and a .45 automatic handgun with cop-killer bullets. In the year that followed, I was not disciplined and made numerous arrests.

On November 10, 2004, a close friend who is an assistant chief of police for another agency asked if I could go to a liquor store in Pahokee called Tommy's to pick up some liquor for a charity event. I bought $145 worth, and Tommy gave me a $100 check for the charity sponsor. I then stopped at a local store that sells beer and asked for two cases of Budweiser and two cases of Heineken. When I asked him how much, he said, "It's on me."

On November 17, 2004, I was placed on administrative leave without explanation. I was told to stay away from the store listed on the notice of Internal Affairs Investigation. On May 12, 2005, I was cleared by the State Attorney's Office of any crime in the matter. I anticipate being cleared in the internal investigation also.

The complaints listed in Tailpipe should not have been in my folder. I stand by my claims made to you.

Lawrence Holborow


Fetish Cheese?

What does that word mean, anyway?: Thank you so much for honoring, again, the Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History of Delray Beach, Florida, with the Best of 2005 award in the category of Best Fetish Museum (May 12). This is the second time in a row that we have won a "Best Of" award from your publication. We feel so special.

By the way, upon learning that the museum had won the vote for Best Fetish Museum, I quickly went to the dictionary to look up the word fetish, as I have only heard it in a sexual context, and this museum is a family museum. I learned per Webster's dictionary that one of the meanings of fetish is: "A material object regarded with trust and reverence." And it is this definition that we happily accept.

We will continue to work hard to earn your support of the Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History. Again, thank you so much for the honor.

Lori J. Durante, Executive Director

Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History

Delray Beach

Designer Grub

Or is that grub designer?: Thanks for Gail Shepherd's May 5 write-up of Sushi Room, "Babes in Soyland." We are the designers of the place. Our firm is Casa Conde, located here in Fort Lauderdale. It is always nice to get positive feedback.

Thanks again.

Cesar Conde

Fort Lauderdale

Ticked off by Zwickel

Critics, critics, everywhere, but not a drop of praise: Jonathan Zwickel's article about John L. Sullivan's and Judy Blem was in one word -- terrible ("Rocker Mom," April 28). All Zwickel could do was write negative comments. There was very little said about the music.

Does he have any musical background? It doesn't appear that he does. Why did he go there? Certainly not to listen to and compliment the music/musicians and the efforts of a courageous and loving human being who is trying to do something positive in this hostile and artistically brain-dead American society.

In this day and age, people think that music is listening and dancing to a DJ spinning CDs. What is needed is writers who seek out and compliment live music and musicians and honest agents/managers (a rare commodity) willing to take a chance to bring back real live music. It is New Times' responsibility to promote live music and entertainment, not run it deeper into the grave. Who says critics have to be negative to do their job? What is wrong with writing positive critiques to get people away from their TVs to support local, original music? This is a great effort by Judy Blem and John L. Sullivan's. Jump on board and do the right thing. Spread a little love, not hate in your magazine. Good writing does not have to be negative.

Len Perry


Bob Norman, the Cop

Actually, he's better than an officer: Bob Norman wrote an excellent, comprehensive three-part article titled "Unusual Suspects" (February 3, 10, and 17, 2005). In it, he brought to light the many questions left unanswered in this 17-year mystery... answers that remain silent behind the classified ruling of "accidental deaths."...Answers that result from evidence.

I have seen the physical and forensic evidence that law enforcement and public officials refuse to see. I have seen the loss of my right for vindication, my civil rights, and my freedom of speech because I spoke up for my two deceased friends.

Just as I have seen the look of anguish on the face of the son these victims left behind... I have to keep reminding myself that we live in a free republic that values human life and protects innocents.

Bob Norman did more for two victims in his three-part series than any tax-based agency that carries the motto "to serve and protect."

Barbara Gordon-Bell

Coral Springs

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