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Letters for November 11-17, 2004

Democracy No More

So what's the antonym? Investigative reporting is certainly not dead at New Times. I'm sure there are many of us who consider it a privilege to read the consistently good work of Bob Norman. Too bad for the Herald and Sentinel rags that do little more than mop-up reporting.

The facts in "Vote Interrupted" (November 4) were available for uncovering by any reporter, but Norman seems to be the only guy around who has the drive, savvy, talent, and possibly editorial approval to do what seems to be a lost art. He's done a great job of exposing -- once again -- the fact that government and corruption in South Florida are synonymous.

Howard Sher


Moron is as moron does: Thank you, Bob, for not being afraid to tell the truth. We have a corrupt government that should be held accountable for what it has done. The media claim it was the Moral Majority who voted for George Bush. Well, I don't see how he and his clan could be considered a role model for morals. They must have meant morons! That's my opinion.

Mary Gothelf


In Brenda, we don't trust: Where can I search the public record on the wolf in sheep's clothing named Brenda Snipes? In reading Bob Norman's article "Vote Interrupted," I became upset with the ties that lie beneath. I want to describe them to Broward commissioners and the blind Democratic voters who unwittingly gave Snipes their vote.

If the Democrats in Broward County had known of her checkered handshakes with the other party, she would not have won the way she did. Thank you for free news, the only kind we can honestly trust.

Daryl Holmes


Libertarians Be Free

Nader at his nadir, yahoo! In regard to Trevor Aaronson's October 28 story, "Third Man," I fail to see how someone like Michael Badnarik was a "spoiler" candidate when the other options were so rotten.

Were it not for him, I would not have even bothered going to the polls. It is annoying to me that people like you imply that we should not only "eat up" the slop served up by the Republicans and Democrats but do so with a joyful heart.

You might try getting your head around this, however: Anderson has come and gone, the Greens are a withering branch, Nader is at his nadir, but the Libertarians are here to stay. We already won in local elections. One day, the political pundits will be trying to catch up to the parade and wondering what happened. Hope you aren't a straggler.

Brad Clardy

Lubbock, Texas

Gun-shy Ain't the Word

Sensible is: I was hit by a car in July 2003. It was on Forest Hill Boulevard, not A1A, as Jeff Stratton described in "Pain in the Bike Lane" (October 14). A bike lane would have been of little benefit in that accident; the driver was making a left turn into Wellington Hospital and said that he did not see me riding westbound in the right side of the rightmost lane. After three hip surgeries and anticipating a couple more on my knees, I'm gun-shy. If I am able to pursue my sport again, I don't want to ride without a proper bike lane. Much of my riding has been on A1A. The safety of hundreds of bicyclists and pedestrians depends on the state laws' requiring bike lanes. Thanks again.

Len Handel

West Palm Beach

For safety's sake: I enjoyed reading "Pain in the Bike Lane." I think he hit the nail on the head. I am a slow, 78-year-old cyclist and have attended many meetings.

Several years ago, I wrote a letter to Palm Beach County Commissioner Mary McCarthy about a dangerous missing sidewalk between El Paseo Road and Glades Road on Powerline Road. She helped get the sidewalk put in. I thought she was all out for safety.

At the Metropolitan Planning Organization meeting, she said it should be up to the individual communities to see if they wanted five-foot bike lanes. As you know, the MPO voted in favor of three-foot shoulders -- which do not have to be swept and will have the same problems as those in Highland Beach. I believe that the commissioners who voted against the five-foot bike lanes do not have to follow the law.

Keep up the good reporting.

Bernard P. Kite

Boca Raton

Luv Ya, Lorrie

Poetry loses: I want to say thank you to Jeff Stratton for writing the story about Lorrie Tennant ("Requiem for a Murdered Poet," October 7). She was a very dear friend of mine whom I shall miss forever. We met doing computer programming, became fast friends, and continued our friendship over the years. We shared the joys of our youngest children being born and the angst of the breakups that followed. Unfortunately, we had a lot in common when it came to relationships and the aftermath.

I pray every day that I don't fall victim to the same fate she did. The week she lost her life, we spoke laughingly about how parallel the demise of our marriages was. We were going to have lunch that next week to celebrate a new chapter in both our lives. I just wanted you to know that your story touched me. She was a wonderful person.

Trina G.



In Bob Norman's October 28 column, "Be Very Afraid," William Scherer's role as fundraiser for Broward County Mayor Ilene Lieberman was misstated. He was a top campaign fundraiser for her in 1996. Also, Scherer didn't subcontract North Broward Hospital District legal work directly to Lieberman but rather to her husband's law firm, where she also worked.

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