Letters for October 14-20, 2004

Poetic Praise End the mano a mano: Jeff Stratton's cover story on the death of Lorrie Tennant was sad and moving ("Requiem for a Murdered Poet," October 7). I hope her example of cooperation and support forever suffuses the South Florida poetry/spoken word scene. It might be naive to suggest...
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Poetic Praise

End the mano a mano: Jeff Stratton's cover story on the death of Lorrie Tennant was sad and moving ("Requiem for a Murdered Poet," October 7). I hope her example of cooperation and support forever suffuses the South Florida poetry/spoken word scene.

It might be naive to suggest that poetry slams, which pit poet against poet, would be ended out of respect to her spirit. It would be so much better if the words could just flow freely at open readings, rather than serving as another reason for competition in a society that is already much too conscious of winning at all costs.

Tennant's legacy is one of inclusion, not separation. I call on the spoken word scene to honor her spirit by putting an indefinite moratorium on slams -- so that we can simply listen and enjoy one another's work.

Kyle Johnson


Lovin' lost Lorrie: I often read your paper and like its content. Don't change! The society of this day and age needs a way to freely express itself, and you guys do a damn good job!

In reference to "Requiem for a Murdered Poet," I'm a resident of Hollywood now for three years, and it saddens me that this happened to such a great and insightful person. Even though I didn't personally know her, I can tell she was a great gal. R.I.P., Lady Poet.

Dwayne Simonette


Bush Babble

Underground scribblin': Ever since Abu Ghraib broke into the news, I have been sickened at the loss of our country's stature and the evil that has been done to a people who have never been "combatants" at all. It is such a helpless feeling to see this for what it is and not be able to do anything about it. I agree with Bob Norman's reasoning ("Bush's Crimes," September 30) and vehemently desire to see Bush and his administration prosecuted for war crimes even after he leaves office, impeachment or not.

In an effort to deal with my perceived helplessness and frustration that no one is listening and the story is fading from view, I took a cue from Bill Walton versus Richard Nixon. For the past three months, I have signed all of my e-mails as "Arrest Bush" or variations thereof.

My fantasy is that the FBI really has some decent, patriotic people left who have the courage to follow through. In an effort to get their attention, I also add in parentheses random words of interest such as jihad, ricin, bomb, and Osama. Thus, I will end a typical e-mail with "Arrest Bush (plutonium, Kandahar, toxin)." My friends think I'm a little nutty, but they're tolerant, and I honestly feel better, because I can think I'm doing something.

Alas, I have had no contacts with the FBI to date to plead my case for arresting Bush. But maybe they're aware and feel it's better not to contact me. My next thought is to do the parenthetical content in Farsi.

Anyway, I totally support Norman's position! Push onward to the mainstream media. Arrest Bush (target, funds, Fallujah, mines).

Tim Hamrick

Via the Internet

No fibbin': Thanks for Bob Norman's informative article "Bush's Crimes," which I read at FAU on my lunch break. My mom is an attorney (and is voting for Kerry), and I'm mailing the article to her (she lives in North Florida). I really appreciated how thorough Norman was. I learned a lot and hope to pass on the information. Thanks again!

Lee Smith

Boca Raton

Stop dribblin': Is Bob Norman out of his mind? These men have attacked us. They are cutting peoples' heads off and bragging about it. We are at war here. What part of that doesn't he understand? They are killing children and women for pleasure. I am sorry I read this article; I will not do so again.

We did not start this war. The terrorists did. Bush is responding as well as any president should. In the famous words of Theodore Roosevelt: "Speak softly and carry a big stick." More of this is needed. Maybe if Bush would eject the reporters from the war area and then do what is needed, things would change. Reporters are as much an enemy as the terrorists. You are masters with the English language, but it does not make you worth listening to.

Donald Bradburn


Kerry as Prosecutor

Or maybe prosecutor in chief? So, the election is bringing out the spooks ("Contra Campaign," Bob Norman, September 23). This election is a choice between having a government as it should be or allowing allegedly corrupt government officials to garner even more power and wealth.

The threat of John Kerry being elected is foremost in the minds of those whom he tried to expose in the drug-running scandals of the Iran-Contra investigation. They had the ability then to hamper his efforts in assuring an honest and accountable executive branch of our government but now are facing the possibility of having the truth revealed when he becomes president. People wonder why Kerry wants to be president. Perhaps the answer can be found in his work during the Contra investigation.

Eugene Woodruff


Don't Give up the Fight

Now they see the light: Thanks for such a well-done article as Jeff Stratton's "Jamaica Yes Problem" (September 2). Being a child of that island, I know how blindingly ignorant the culture and people can be. All I have to say is "big up" and "nuff respect" to Gilbert Dunkley and Egbert Fisher for being so forthright.

Simone Clunie

Fort Lauderdale


Last week's news story, "Mutiny on the Atlantica," misidentified a professor of law at Nova Southeastern University. His name is Bob Jarvis.

Also last week, owing to a reporting error, the names and ages of Lorrie Tennant's sons ("Requiem for a Murdered Poet") were reversed. Keion is 5 years old, and Dylan is 3. New Times regrets the errors.

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