Letters for October 2-8, 2008

Triple Threat

Wow! What a story ("Packing a Tune," Penn Bullock, September 25). And that song "Change" is great too. Not many guys can rub you down, write you a tune, and sell you a gun all at the same time!

Willy Bermuda


Boyfriend Hits a Homer

I really enjoyed this story ("The Real Girlfriend Experience," Michael J. Mooney, September 18). Too often, people look down on others whom they perceive to be inferior, such as the homeless, prostitutes, the mentally handicapped, criminals... really, the list is endless. People forget that underneath that shiny exterior, the coating of superficiality, lies a person with dreams, a heart, a voice. Thank you for letting their stories be heard.

Josh Harper

Via the internet

I think of two things when I read this wonderfully written article. First, as a man who has slept with many prostitutes, I think that next time, I will simply take them out on dates, like this author. The best part of seeing a prostitute is the female companionship.

Secondly, I cannot believe that American girls are driven to prostitution simply to pay for education — a privilege that billions of people around the world enjoy without having to f*ck strangers. America is sick.

Name withheld by request

Austin, texas

Seriously, dude. Not even a BJ?

Name withheld by request

Via the internet

This was fascinating. Reminds me of going out of my way to speak with people on the street who others think are just crazy bums, actually engaging them in normal conversation instead of shying away or thumbing your nose up at them. The expressions on their faces are so alive and beautiful when you turn a blind eye to their current condition and treat them like what they are — human, just like you. I'm not saying it can't backfire sometimes, but you have to take it all in stride with a smile on your face and love in your heart. There is always a fascinating story there that can tell you more about yourself than you want to admit.

Name withheld by request


Uhhh, I suspect taking a prostitute on a date is like taking any other woman on a date... Hookers aren't aliens... They are women who straightforwardly sell sex on occasion...

Name withheld by request

Via the internet

Stop acting like you did these girls a favor by paying them when they didn't have to fuck you. This article is basically saying, "Hey, I know you're all worthless whores, but I'm really interested in you!" You are no better than them. They are no better than you.

Name withheld by request

Via the internet

Leave It to the Pros

I have read Amy Guthrie's story ("Toy Soldiers," September 11), and I feel that some of the people who participated in those events are not up to the standard a Florida Airsoft game should hold. Florida Airsoft is a community site where we discuss and plan events. The majority of these events are set up professionally, and the majority of the players conduct themselves professionally.

We do not promote the use of airsoft by minors. We have an agreed-upon base of rules, and while at an event, we are all friends.

I do not know this Jolly Green person or the other person who almost came to fisticuffs in your presence, but you do not see things like this at a Florida Airsoft event.

I have seen the news stories of minors with airsoft replicas and seen the flea-market vendors. But to be honest, I feel that some of the people you reported on do not have the common sense to play any type of sport. We do not condone abusive language to others or threats of violence.

Airsoft is a social hobby as much as it is a "war game." Many of us are professionals. Business owners, doctors, and lawyers are all a part of the Florida Airsoft website and community. I do not feel these were the people you were reporting on.

Phillip Adams

Via the internet


New Times scored big in the Florida Press Club's Excellence in Journalism awards, announced last month. Staff Writer Thomas Francis won first place in religion writing for his feature "Lambs to Slaughter." Columnist Bob Norman took first place in government reporting for his feature "Judging Ana." Staff Writer Michael J. Mooney took second in both sports and health writing, Staff Writer Amy Guthrie won second in religion writing, and Music Editor Jonathan Cunningham was second in arts criticism.

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