Letters for October 20-26, 2005

Looky Looky

Not even "Geeky Tiki": Thanks to Jonathan Zwickel for his October 13 article, "Playin' Huki." And thanks even more for not titling the article "Tacky Tiki"!

"Curvy Formikahini" Mwah!

Alice Berry


Loved the Book

Someday he might even read it: Good article on Sean Rowe ("Blood on the Tracks," Bob Norman, October 13). I knew him back about 17 years ago, when he worked for the Miami New Times. Now I live in Hollywood and am the nemesis of the Hollywood Police Department. At that time, in Kendall, Sean was married, and we used to sit and chat at the pool of the Tamarind Apartments. When I get a break from tracking drug dealers and annoying the shit out of Chief Scarberry, I'm going to read his book. I know it will be a fun experience.

Asa Boynton


Pain Because

Some of them are liberal Democrats: Sam Eifling's story "Smile for the Devil" (October 6) was a great piece. I'm glad the Colorblinds got some credit.

One of my very good friends used to be a Colorblind — I've never met anyone who enjoys inflicting pain as much as he does. He came up hard, and he's up-front about it. I have all the respect in the world for these guys. If society don't [sic] want you, too bad. You go to work, you work hard, you play hard, people judge you without knowing you. They think all skinheads are Nazis. I hear it all the time.

Steve Bernstein



In Fort Lauderdale, you just keep the coffee flowin': The article about police brutality at Beach Place is unbelievable ("Beach Place Stomp," Jeff Stratton, October 6). I cannot fathom how this could happen. Were there not scores of witnesses around? Was there no video camera present? I find it shocking that police behaved in such a manner. Is this true? They abused, embarrassed, and disgraced Keith Michaud, who was putting on a show for charity. What has become of our city? I am personally ashamed that the police in my city (which I pay taxes to) acted in such a poor manner.

I admit I do not read the news daily. I missed this in the news until you guys at New Times published it. Thank you for doing so! More people should be aware of this and other unjust crimes being committed by our public servants. All too often, police officers think they are beyond the law. I hope that this story gets loads of press and that Michaud sues Beach Place and the City of Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

The part of the article that really disgusts me is that it was reported that the police were regulars of the Coffee Beanery and routinely received free coffee from the owner. I am wondering: Is that how it works in Fort Lauderdale? You can pay off public servants with a cup of Joe. That's funny, because I always thought that it took at least $20.

David Schneider

Fort Lauderdale

Watch out — that loose cannon is gaining on you: I am not surprised over the treatment that the artists got during the free concert for Katrina victims. There is one officer, slim, about six-foot-two, who is nothing short of a loose cannon.

On one occasion back in 2001, several friends got together to celebrate a birthday at Beach Place. I saw an officer whispering something to my friend, so I decided to approach. My friend advised me to walk away. The officer was waiting for any one of us to say or look at him the wrong way. This officer started actually following us around waiting to see what we would do when all we were doing was having a couple of drinks. We then decided that Beach Place was not a safe place to enjoy yourself, not because of the criminals but because of some dangerous individuals in uniform whose idea of a good time is a little warped.

Once before that, I actually saw an individual being pushed against the second-floor railing. He was not resisting in any way or form, but maybe what came out of his mouth was the reason an officer started yelling "Don't move, don't move" for what appeared to be no reason and smashed his face against the concrete floor. The only thing I regret was not having a camera to film the event.

If you ever want to capture a story, you should try filming with a camcorder at Beach Place; sooner or later, something shocking will happen again.

J.J. Sal

Via the Internet

Blanco Free Form

Never too much uninhibited glee: Thanks for writing such a terrific article about Rene Blanco ("Lord of the Dance," Jonathan Zwickel, September 22). When he dances at our shows, which is often, we always get people asking "What's up with that guy?" or complaining about how he's blocking their views. I've even heard other bands bitch about how he was stealing their show or distracting them from performing well. I've even heard some performers mock him from the mic and ask, "What's that guy on?"

Our answer: He's high on life, and you'd be blessed if everyone were as stoked about your music. The scene would be a lot stronger and a lot more fun if everyone were as enthusiastic about local music as Rene is!

Many have talked trash about him, and few have taken the time to find out his story, so thanks for telling it. It's about time someone recognized him "officially" for his contribution to the music scene. I can't help but remember the uninhibited glee I had when I was a kid when I see him dance, and I thank you for honoring his spirit!

Marya Summers of Hunger-Thump

Delray Beach

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