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Letters for October 25-31, 2007

No Besa Culo

Clasky just has strong opinions about sludge haulers: Harvey Slavin's angry letter calling Ron Clasky "one more Hollywood suck-around" due to his defense of Keith Wasserstrom is way off-base ("The Kiss-Ass Gambit," Letters, October 18). Clasky has tirelessly fought an endless battle to prevent developers from turning Hollywood Beach into another wall of glass and steel skyscrapers à la "Sunny" Isles. Clasky defended Wasserstrom in print because he truly believes he did nothing wrong and that Schwing Bioset really is the best company for the job. If you disagree with that point, that's fine. But Clasky is most definitely not a kiss-ass!

Bronson Jones


What's a Few Mil?

Spend it and you're still hungry: An individual took "issue" with my recent comments ("What Politicians Do," Letters, October 11) about contractor Schwing Bioset. I am responding because I am sick and tired of the misinformation and distortions that are so prevalent in Hollywood politics. I have followed Hollywood city government very closely for more than 40 years. Wasserstrom was as guilty as guilty can be. His blatant disregard for the law was appalling. Anyone who condones and defends corruption is as morally bankrupt as Wasserstrom the felon.

Why didn't the letter writer mention that the city had appointed a panel of experts in waste treatment to evaluate all companies bidding for the city contract? Schwing Bioset placed L-A-S-T — not to mention its bid was $12 million to $14 million higher than the company that ranked first. But in Hollywood, what's $12 million to $14 million when all you're dealing with is the taxpayers' money?

Mike Tamburro


My Stepson and

the Shrimp

Recipe to cook up a family problem: I'd like to thank you for your wise comments on Upper Crust Cafe ("How to Cook a Shrimp," Gail Shepherd, October 11). We appreciate what you said about the prosciutto shrimp and our desserts. We removed the berry tart, and we will change the recipe for the shrimp. Sometimes, being willing to do your best can lead to some mistakes.

By the way, you also made a mistake (a pretty big one). You wrote that Upper Crust was run by a husband-and-wife team. Christopher is my stepson, not my husband. It is a bit upsetting for my stepson, my husband, and me. But we're only human beings, and mistakes can happen.

Patricia Ghalayini


Corruption Consortium

Duck when the black helicopters come: Bob Norman's article ("Terrible Trio," October 4) strikes right at the heart of the infamous Broward "Consortium" that Hollywood activists have been talking about for years. No wonder Norman is lauded as a man who sees through the bull and hooks the perpetrators of public hoaxes together in their bed of slime.Take a look at the Norman archives. More than 300 "crystal ball" visions that have been proven to be "deadly accurate" over the years. Nailed 'em again, guy!

Asa Boynton


Straight Shooter

Just talk nice to me: Wow (Amy Guthrie, "Fat Chance," September 27)! I was nervous. I used to put writers in the same category as used-car salesmen. You can usually believe a slight fraction of what you read in print. Usually, writers twist and turn things to fit what they want to print and not the information they receive. Guthrie is without a doubt one of the most honest and truthful reporters out there. In the several times I met and spoke with her, I always found her to be friendly, interested and interesting, kind, honest, and most of all just an all-around-great person with a good heart. She makes you feel comfortable naturally, like you're speaking with an old friend. Thank you for making me feel "normal," even if just for a brief moment.

Russell Dutra

Boca Raton

Perros Calientes

About diners with inhalers: I was unable to enjoy my evening at Cantina Laredo due to the practice of seating dogs in the restaurant ("Mexi-Can't," Gail Shepherd, August 30). I have allergies and asthma. I noticed a dog with its owners outside the restaurant. I asked that the dog not be seated near us, and I was assured that would not be a problem. The dog's party was seated two tables away. I asked that they take the dog somewhere else due to my asthma, and the owner said he did not believe me. I showed him my inhaler, and he said he still did not believe me. While I was being shown to a new table, my companion voiced his concern over the rudeness of the patron and was threatened by another patron. My companion is only five-foot-four, and the threatening gentleman was more than six feet tall. We decided to leave. This establishment was highly recommended, and I probably would have had a great time and enjoyed a wonderful meal.

Wesley Byrnside

Palm Beach Gardens

Help Wanted

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