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Letters for October 3, 2002

Biased? He's a columnist, for chrissake: I found Bob Norman's September 26 article, "Hawking for Israel," totally offensive. I have no problem with Mr. Norman being against the war in Iraq, since I am not convinced that a case has been made by President Bush. However, it is the ultimate in yellow journalism. I can only hope that this obscene piece does not receive any nationwide publication. He does the antiwar movement a gross disservice with his anti-Israel bias.

Joel Armstrong

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Wexler's midriff is bared: I salute Bob Norman for honest journalism. He deserves a Pulitzer Prize, unlike William Safire. It takes great courage to be truthful vis-à-vis Israel -- kudos. U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler et al. are truly agents of a foreign state and continually manifest their disloyalty to our country. Wexler recently became co-chairman of the caucus on U.S.-Turkish Relations and Turkish-Americans and supports that barbarian government as well. I wonder how many Istanbul belly dancers it took to get him to support one of the leading human rights violators in the world.

Both Israel and Turkey murder innocents with hi-tech arms given to them by our country. I guess it pays to have people in high places, so that unsuspecting taxpayers can be lulled into apathy. Keep up the good work, and continue telling the truth.

Carl Zeytoonian

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Defiance: In regard to Susan Eastman's September 26 story, "Queen of the Recount," America was founded on revolutionary spirit, and over the years, we have become a complacent lot, more concerned with fluff than substance. We have let big business walk all over us and actually run the country. Carol Roberts seems to embody the spirit of defiance that we need to keep us on our toes.

Dr. Richard Appelbaum

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Give us justice or give us death: I am absolutely enraged after reading Rebekah Gleaves's September 19 article, "The Dania Dilemma," about polling problems on September 10. This leads me to believe that Bill McBride should not be legally allowed to represent the Democratic Party until things are straightened out.

If we, as Americans, can't vote for whom we choose to, then something is definitely out of whack here. Our race for governor will be improper because we don't have the correct Democratic representative to go against Jeb Shrub. This is unlawful. This is not right. This is not American. Janet Reno deserves a fair shake.

This reminds me of Al Gore losing the presidency because of all the chiefs who made the wrong decisions. Are Floridians going to let this happen again?

Eve McBride


Stratton pisses us off too: I read Jeff Stratton's September 19 article "Leif Blower," and I thought it was a bit rude and cruel when he described Leif Garrett's "now-menopausal fan base." If that is you trying to be funny, you failed!

I just turned 30, and no, I was not into Leif "back in the day"! I was too busy with Mötley Crüe, AC/DC, the Knack, and stuff like that! However, I am a huge F8 fan as well as a fan of Kid Rock, Goo Goo Dolls, and Eminem. Yes, I know that there are some "older fans," but for the most part, everyone I have met is under 37. So I really think Stratton's comments were way out of line.

I have seen F8 live only once, but I thought they were so good live that I'm going to three more shows. I enjoy their music. Basically, I just wanted to let you know that F8/Leif fans are not all old ladies trying to live in the past, and Stratton's statement pissed me off. Don't lump all the fans together, and let me tell you, I have met a ton of F8/Leif fans, and a lot of them are freaks -- and I mean freaks in a good way -- but I am the queen of freaks!

Kitty Smith

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A distinctly professional missive: I want to thank Jeff Stratton for conducting a professional interview with Leif Garrett. I was not at all pleased with the preface of the interview and thought it cowardly of Stratton to voice such negative criticism behind Leif's back.

The majority of the population managed to survive the awkwardness of adolescence and mistakes of youth out of the public eye. Leif did not have that. So give the guy a break. He doesn't need another kick from the bloodthirsty media. I admire anyone who keeps getting up after a fall and has managed to find a passion in life.

Leif's current music is all original material, and people enjoy it. I love the new songs F8 has recorded. I'm not saying you have to like it, but we all have our own taste. And some of us are still, ahem, premenopausal. Best of luck on your future, hopefully professional, reporting ventures.

Bonnie John

Charlotte, North Carolina

Bring back the Public's try at it: Michael Mills's "We All Scream for Gay Theme" (September 12) was an excellent article. It is great to hear there are many gay-themed plays taking stage. However, there was a gay theater festival that I was part of for several years. It was very successful until we had to give up our space at the museum in Fort Lauderdale. It was the Public Theatre of South Florida's gay and lesbian play festival.

Alan Saban

Fort Lauderdale

Corruption is everywhere: I read Rebekah Gleaves's August 29 Steven West article with interest. It seems that the State of Florida is unable or unwilling to pursue business crooks. I have my own experience; having been the subject of an insurance bait and switch, I reported the facts to the attorney general and the insurance commissioner. The former did nothing; the latter wrote the miscreant a letter and then accepted a lying response as satisfactory.

Why is this? We know that state government is dominated by defense lawyers, and they may have put in the fix. Or is it just a typical case of civil servant indolence or incompetence? Maybe I can use the Freedom of Information Act to get access to the files, to see what has been done with what appear to be prime candidates for prosecution? Keep it up!

Ken Most

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Steve West or Pompano politics.... His bet's on Pompano: Your stockbroker and accountant are crooks. Insider information and collaborated land deals have drained your savings. Your only salvation is that your local appointed mayor can legally obtain inside information, work with and for developers that may profit from his vote, mold the atmosphere of public meetings, employ an army of police to maintain his reign -- and all for the good of our little city.

Isn't it great to live where the mayor has the inside track? Or is real estate mingled with politics going to be the next corporate scandal?

Dan O¹Brien

Pompano Beach

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