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Letters for September 19, 2002

Cast a ballot, catch anthrax: Kudos on discovering some early Al Qaeda plots to destroy the American way of life ("The Terrorists' Real Plan," September 12). However, you forgot the one where they sabotage South Florida ballots and voting machines to create chaos, make us look foolish, and undermine our superior democratic electoral process. No wait! That one wasn't theirs. Sorry, my mistake!

Terry Kost

Fort Lauderdale

Hear. Respond. Go tell the guv: I will take Bob Norman's suggestion and e-mail his September 5 article, "Lapsed Ethics," on former state Sen. John Grant to Jeb Bush. But it would make things a lot simpler if you provided a link to his e-mail address. How come this is never done?

Peter Goldstein

Fort Lauderdale

Editor's note: The article is still up on the Web, and the link has been added. In case you were wondering, the Jebmeister's e-mail is [email protected]

Whether you are up North or down South: I recently read Felicia Levine's August 29 article, "Across the Great Divide." It was very well-written and informative. I am the events coordinator for Compass the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Community Services Center for Palm Beach County. We currently have a well-known transgender support group that has been meeting at our facility for more than seven years.

Scott Fox

West Palm Beach

Maochism lives! Particularly if you vote for Jeb: Bob Norman has done a masterful job in his August 29 column, "De Regier," by exposing that phony scumbag, Jeb Bush, for what he is: the Christian Right's bitch! And just what the Department of Children and Families didn't need was the Jebster's choice to run that failed bureaucracy: Jerry Regier, a far-right-wing, born-again, evangelical Christian. Bring on the spanking welts, bunky!

Jeb's move here is as transparent as a piece of glass: As the election draws near, he threw the Christian Right a piece of red meat to devour. It was just one more effort to mobilize these religious nut jobs -- the children in DCF's care be damned!

Norman has eloquently portrayed Regier, whom I call "The Weasel" because of his weasel-like looks, for what he was and remains: an out-of-the-mainstream loon! In my opinion, Regier lied about that Christian manifesto that bore his name. That and his views on child punishment are reasons enough to send this "Okie" back to Oklahoma -- along with (retiring Oklahoma Republican) Rep. J.C. Watts, who's already on his way back to Soonerville, but not soon enough, not soon enough.

As for the Bitch -- er, ah, the Jebster -- he knows that children in the DCF system can't vote. Just say "No!" to Bush on Election Day -- for the sake of our state's children, if not for your own!

Harvey Slavin


Fly free... but beware those pesky equations: I have known Lana and Alana Edwards for two years. I met them at the North American Butterfly Association convention two years ago and was able to tour their yard, which Susan Eastman described beautifully in her August 22 article, "Net Free." I am president of the Miami Blue Chapter of NABA and have been conducting butterfly surveys at the Charles Deering Estate and Fairchild Tropical Gardens for the past seven years. We will be starting regular butterfly surveys at Bill Baggs Crandon Park and Cape Florida State Park this fall.

Although I have been birdwatching for 40 years. I was led into butterfly watching by Jeff Glassberg's books. By trade, I am a mathematician (associate chairman of the Mathematics Department at the University of Miami, where I have been a faculty member for 38 years), but nature-watching is what I do for fun.

I enjoyed your article. I am lucky to have as my principal adviser butterfly expert David Spencer Smith, Hope professor emeritus of entomology at Oxford. He is the principal author of Butterflies of the West Indies and Southern Florida, Oxford University Press. 1992. He lives about six months of the year here in South Florida.

Robert L. Kelley


The war drags on... here in Gomorrah: I really enjoyed Bob Norman's August 1 article, "The War Within." It was quite entertaining. I wish, however, that journalists could abide by a certain code of ethics, not to twist and insert and delete people's words.

Overall, it was a nice attempt to create division within the Muslim community. However, if you were not aware, most Muslims attend both mosques. Anyway, any Muslim who reads (and believes) a newspaper published by a community of sodomites deserves to be led astray.

Nice try, Bob.

Name withheld by request

via the Internet

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